[Hpr] LAMP developers needed for AGPL v3 HPR backend scheduling system

Ken Fallon ken.fallon at gmail.com
Tue Feb 21 12:25:20 PST 2012

Hi All,

I'm putting the call out for some help with a new version of the
scheduling system for HPR. I'd like to release as a AGPL v3 project
that can be used by anyone who wants to setup a syndicated community
podcast network like ours. I've put some thoughts into the design and
would like to get involvement from people with experience in doing
this type of thing. I'll outline the plan here and if you're
interested then please contact me and we'll spin off another list if



What is it called ?
The HPR Scheduling System, until something better is suggested.

What License will it be under ?
AGPL v3 (GNU Affero General Public License) because this is a web
application and Bradley would be impressed.

How will it work ?
Community members and spammers will upload the shows via a custom PHP
component integrated into an off the shelf frontend CMS. That will be
kept in quarantine until it is approved.
The scheduling manager will verify the show, approve it and change priority.
The backend will transcode it and add it to the database based on the
scheduling rules.
A cron job will:
ssh static RSS 2.0 Compliant XML feed to the front end system(s)
ssh a html/xml file listing upcoming shows to the front end system(s)
will upload the new episode to archive.org

Why split it up ?
The idea is to provide two security zones. The backend with restricted
access and a frontend that is public facing. Reusing a popular CMS
like wordpress will limit the scope for compromise as the RSS 2.0
Compliant XML will be the source of the data on the site and can be
reloaded at any time. The only component we need to manage is the file
and metadata upload.

The backend will contain the actual database and user information and
is intended to be managed via ssh and command line tools. This could
be run on a home pc or on a cheap vps running Debian/Fedora/Slacker
media. As this code will be reviewed by a lot less people than the
frontend, we can restrict the access to trusted keys etc. Using
archive.org will allow others to avail of free hosting for media

What will it be written in ?
The backend will be written in perl/mysql and will be driven by cron,
which will produce a RSS 2.0 Compliant XML feed.

The frontend will be any CMS (WordPress/Drupal/Joomla) with a plugin
to federate RSS 2.0 Compliant XML feeds.

Why use RSS 2.0 Compliant XML ?
It’s a standard and it supports categories (series), tags, host
addresses etc. It provides a clean, common well defined interface.

Why use PHP/MySQL for the frontend ?
That’s what hosting providers provide cheaply and so that’s what
WordPress, Drupal, Joomla are written in.

Why use perl/MySQL on the backend ?
That’s what comes standard on many linux distros and has a lot of
modules available in cpan.

Why not use Python/PHP/C/C++/Java/Mono/* instead of perl/php ?
It’s what I know so as I’ll probably be dumped with doing most of
this, I want to make sure that I can trust the code.

Seriously Perl/php ?
If you want to do this in another language then fine but you are
accepting been the project lead for at least two years – ok.

Where will the code be stored ?
Don’t know yet – HPR FTP Server

But Project XYZ already does this ?
Great. Send me a link – job done.

What help do you need ?
People with PHP, Perl, MySQL, DBA, security skills.

Who do I contact ?
email: admin at hackerpublicradio.org

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