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Tue Jan 17 11:46:04 PST 2012

Ken asked me to forward this thought to the list:  I heard in ep0899 (those
Sunday review guys get better every time), that a best selling Debian
Administrators Handbook ( http://debian-handbook.info/  ) is being
translated from French to English.  I'm sure you listened as well.  If they
reach their contribution goal (currently at 70%), the handbook will be
placed in the repos and you will be able to apt-get it to your desktop.
This goes right along with the discussion Ken and I had NYE based on Pat
Hingley's ep0855 (Packaging for You Distro) where Pat suggested creative
works could be packaged with distributions just like software, and it would
relate to Klattu's package manager series.  Ken and I talked about
packaging the entirety of HPR as a PPA and branching out to other distros
(one day someone is going to point out my proclivity for advancing ideas
that others have more experience to carry out).  From Raphael Hertzog's
blog  ( http://raphaelhertzog.com/ ), it appears they are working on some
of the kinks such a project might encounter, so I thought the Debian
Handbook project would bear watching even if they don't reach their
contribution goal.

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