[Hpr] Northeast Linux Fest

Klaatu klaatu at straightedgelinux.com
Wed Jan 25 08:54:22 PST 2012

I have the booth kit still.  I am going to try to attend the NOrtheast Fest 
too so maybe I'll just bring it with.  But if this doesn't happen, I'll send 
to you.

> I got the OK from my wife to attend the Northeast GNU/Linux Fest again this
> year, so unless anyone else wants the job, I'll volunteer to coordinate the
> HPR table. does anybody know where the tablecloth and the QR code books
> are? Ken, do the QR code books need to be reprinted? I think the episode
> numbers in the urls were only three digits last year but are four digits
> this year. If that's true then I'll just reprint the books, rather than
> asking someone to pay to ship them.
> If anyone would like to volunteer to help out, please let me know so I can
> try to make you a t-shirt (or you can make it yourself if you prefer) just
> let me know what shirt size and color you want. Last year we just used
> black pocket T's, but there's no reason that we have to stick with that. If
> anyone is planning on purchasing stickers I'll be glad to chip in, but I
> can't afford to pay the lion's share of it like I did last year.
- klaatu

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