[Hpr] Vote on removing non HPR shows.

Matthew K matt_hew at rocketmail.com
Wed Oct 10 11:09:17 PDT 2012

Too many shows? What a great problem to have!!! Is it really to the point where there are too many shows? Fantastic!

My vote is, that I think Hacker Public Radio should be first and foremost for individuals (or groups of individuals) to post shows on topics they think would interest the community.

If a syndicated group wants to put thier shows on the station, I think that is great; however, I feel that they should only play if there is nothing else in the queue. If I want to subscribe to something like the full circle podcast, it is already on the Internet somewhere else, and I could just subscribe to it there. I think we should just link to things like that rather than hosting duplicate content on HPR. They should only be used as "filler"when there is no show to play.

If we really need to cut, I think the news shows, and summaries of shows could be cut out (or appended to other shows) on months where there is a glutton of shows. Also, combining multi-part episodes into a single episode before posting could help reduce show count.


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>Fifty OneFifty <fiftyonefifty at linuxbasement.com> wrote:
>> Ken,
>> I don't know what to say (though I have made what I thought were
>> humorous comments on other podcasts).  I submitted a full week's
>> worth of content in July (3 original shows and two syndicated I was
>> involved in)  that are still a good two weeks out of showing up on
>> HPR.  I loved all you original stuff from OggCamp, and catching up on
>> everything from last year, but I think we are getting a rep for stale
>> shows you can find elsewhere  (no intended offense to our syndication
>> partners).   Expect a show on my ODroidX (which I am sure many folks
>> are tired of hearing about) AND gv-20 very soon
>> 5150
>Hi 5150,
>I appreciate where you are coming from but if you look at the queue
>you'll see that it's made up of shows from what I'd consider HPR
>Ahuka will have released 12 shows this year.
>Frank_Bell 7 shows this year
>mrgadgets 4 shows this year (21 last year)
>Seetee 5 shows this year
>sigflup 6 shows this year
>5150 5 shows this year, not counting your appearances on the HPR
>Community news
>Which leaves two episodes from Door2DoorGeek and another from
>BuyerBrown. Neither can be classified as 'unknown' in the podcasting
>community. My email was a request to get new hosts or to get previous
>dormant hosts to send in new shows.
>Personally I think that the comments about stale content are unhelpful.
>The majority of HPR content is timeless, in so far as they are as valid
>today as they were when they were submitted. If any show is time
>sensitive, we can and do bump them up. The fact that your shows have
>not come out yet are as a result of a splurge of shows been submitted
>after the new year and been processed according to the scheduling rules.
>The only way to eliminate the queue quicker is to open the flood gates
>and let everything out as soon as it comes in. Which would mean a flood
>of shows a few times a year.
>The other option is to remove syndicated content. Since our last
>discussion on this topic we have dropped the Sunday Morning Linux
>Review. Which leaves:
>Syndicated Thursdays, providing 25 shows. And TGTM News HPR Tech
>Edition which is a subset of TGTM News itself, providing 21 shows. That
>is a total of 46 shows minus the 13 non syndicated shows in the queue,
>means that we would have run out of shows on the 20th of August.
>Following the discussions last time, I understood that the community
>wanted to maintain both shows but I may have been mistaken. I don't
>want to go over this again and again so if no-one objects I would like
>to have the community vote on whither to drop ST and/or TGTM news. 
>I suggest that we open a poll starting at the beginning of the October
>HPR Community News recording (2012-11-03T19:00:00Z), running for a
>month and ending at the start of the November HPR Community  News
>recording (2012-12-01T19:00:00Z).
>Anyone that wishes to argue their point can do so in person on the
>October HPR Community News recording (2012-11-03T19:00:00Z), via
>recorded segments, or email transcript.
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