[Hpr] Vote on removing non HPR shows.

Ken Fallon ken.fallon at gmail.com
Wed Oct 10 13:07:59 PDT 2012

[start personal opinion]
As a reminder, the reason we started releasing
non HPR shows was that there was no shows at all to release. The reason
there were no shows was that we went from one show a day, to a few a
week to a few a month until our listers (who are our contributers after
all) began to say "is HPR dead ?". And whatever about contributing to
an active network, I guarantee you that no one wants to release shows
to a network that is dead. This is exactly what happened during 2010. -
see attached.

I believe we also have a responsibility to our listeners to bring them
one show a day. The history of podcasts will show you that a regular
schedule builds trust in the network. That trust was hard won back and
it took a lot of work from a lot of people to get us through 2011 to a
stage where people are contributing again.

I just went through the queue and commented out the material that was
not created "solely" for HPR. That brings us down to 9 shows and we need
49 to get to the end of the year. Sure we are going to get some shows
from this appeal but that will buy us another month or so. Then I'll be
back to begging klaatu and Mr. Gadgets for contributions. 

What I want is a steady stream of HPR listeners contributing shows at
the same rate that we release them. I am open to any and all
suggestions to promote that.

[end personal opinion]
Many of the hosts already assign a lower priority to their shows or say
don't release them all at once. The development discussions on the
upload process includes this as an option allowing hosts to granularly
decide the priority from "high" down to "reserve shows". 

We have a open call for a PHP developer to write the upload form. All
other scripting is hampered by not having a place to run the scripts.

What will be on the ballot will be decided by the community (read
mailing list), including whither you think a vote is necessary.

Can I suggest using http://strawpoll.me/ as it's simple to use voting
site that is not affiliated to anyone. 

The admins have long taken 'silence' on the mail list to questions as
been "I'm ok with that/I couldn't care a less" and so I would
suggest setting the quorum to 1.


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