[Hpr] Vote on removing non HPR shows.

Rebecca Newborough bobobex at bobobex.org
Wed Oct 10 13:45:59 PDT 2012

On Wed, Oct 10, 2012 at 9:07 PM, Ken Fallon <ken.fallon at gmail.com> wrote:

> [start personal opinion]
> As a reminder, the reason we started releasing
> non HPR shows was that there was no shows at all to release. The reason
> there were no shows was that we went from one show a day, to a few a
> week to a few a month until our listers (who are our contributers after
> all) began to say "is HPR dead ?". And whatever about contributing to
> an active network, I guarantee you that no one wants to release shows
> to a network that is dead. This is exactly what happened during 2010. -
> see attached.
> I believe we also have a responsibility to our listeners to bring them
> one show a day. The history of podcasts will show you that a regular
> schedule builds trust in the network. That trust was hard won back and
> it took a lot of work from a lot of people to get us through 2011 to a
> stage where people are contributing again.
> I just went through the queue and commented out the material that was
> not created "solely" for HPR. That brings us down to 9 shows and we need
> 49 to get to the end of the year. Sure we are going to get some shows
> from this appeal but that will buy us another month or so. Then I'll be
> back to begging klaatu and Mr. Gadgets for contributions.
> What I want is a steady stream of HPR listeners contributing shows at
> the same rate that we release them. I am open to any and all
> suggestions to promote that.
> [end personal opinion]
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Hi all

Please go easy on me, other than my hello post, this will be my first
"proper" post to the list. :)

I am an avid HPR listener, and as others have mentioned in earlier posts,
there are some types of shows I skip through and others that I listen to
end to end depending on the topic.

I like the quirky shows that are not overly technical and keep me
entertained as I listen - dev/random last month was epic (I'm still
chuckling about merkins!) and The Stream show just made me want to pee as I
was driving home!  I would love to give something back to the community and
contribute a show to HPR however, I find that as soon as I start to think
of a suitable topic to talk about, I then start to suffer from a lack of
courage in my ability to contribute anything that the HPR community would
want to listen too - especially considering that I am a non-technical Linux
user. Don't get me wrong, I can talk and I think I am entertaining in my
own uniquely female way, but would anyone want to listen to me? Probably

There may be an assumption being made here, but when I think of HPR shows,
I automatically think technical information giving. Does HPR have a
specific genre of topic that is covered or does anything go?  If anything
goes, then I think that more people may contribute shows based on their
other interests/hobbies etc (i.e. non-linux/open source specific).  If I
were a brand new listener to HPR and listened back to a week or month's
worth of shows I would definitely be left with the impression that HPR was
targeted at a specific audience.

OK, enough rambling from me - I'm off to put my thinking cap on for a show!


Becky Newborough
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