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Patrick Dailey pdailey03 at gmail.com
Wed Oct 10 17:46:32 PDT 2012

Hello, friends. I have a few "two cents" to add if you'll allow me. This
has been a very thought provoking thread, and I'm enjoying reading all the
ideas. From what I've read, we seem to all agree that we have two separate
problems; one good, one bad.

1. A lack of HPR exclusive content from a majority of the community.
2. A glut of syndicated content, produced by people we consider friends and

If I've got that right, then we need to work on:
1. a way to encourage the community to participate, and
2. a way to vent the the syndicated content a little faster without
treating our friends like we've used and discarded them.
The problems may or may not be related, but I think it's best to deal with
them separately in either case.

The glut of syndicated content seems like the easier one of the two, so
I'll start there. I know I've said it before, but I still think it would be
a good idea to move syndicated shows to Saturday when the exclusive HPR
queue gets to a certain point of backlog, or to use both Thursday and
Saturday for syndicated shows if the syndicated queue gets too backlogged.
Maybe even move syndicated shows to Saturday and Sunday if both queues are
"too full". I don't know what those backlog numbers should be, but I'm
probably not the best person to try to figure that out either.

The lack of contributions from the greater community is the tougher problem
I think. But I do think we've seen certain things work in the past. It's
very difficult, if not impossible to recreate an event, so why or what was
it about our successful events that worked?

When new hosts do show up, they always seem to be pretty excited about
contributing. Most of them seem keep contributing for about as long as they
stay excited, and when the excitement wears off, they stop. If this is
true, then we just need to create some excitement. I'm pretty excited to
hear Rebecca's show, 5150 sounds excited to hear from RMS, and lots of
other community members are just exciting people to hear from. Maybe we
need a couple of round table shows with some of our favorite people to get
folks excited.

I also agree that feedback is very important to new contributors
especially. We should try and make it a point to leave more feedback. I
think that would make a big difference to our new hosts. I'm guilty of not
leaving as much feedback as I should, and I will try to do better.

Other hosts who keep contributing I think do it for a different reason.
It's a real passion and love for HPR and the friends made here that keeps
them (us) coming back. This is where our core community members come from,
I think. I don't know exactly how to foster love of a community, but I
think that's what we need to be doing. I do hope the new website has forum

I can say for sure that these things, the excitement, the friendship and
the love, are all true of me. Maybe I'm just seeing my own motivations in
others. Maybe not. I don't know. If they re true for you as well, then
maybe I'm on the right path. If I've missed anything, any motivation that
you have felt or have observed in other hosts, please add it to the list.
If I'm out in left field, then I'll be quiet and we can just blame it on
the beer. :)

*Becky:* The only rule for HPR is that it has to be of interest to hackers.
Girls typically are. I vote "yes" to anything you want to talk about.

*FiftyoneFifty:* I stayed up all night editing the RMS interview, and it
was uploaded to the FTP server just before your cattle woke up. However, I
don't think it would be right if it skipped the queue. I did that to get a
place in line, not to sneak to the front of it. There is nothing in that
interview that will go stale in a month or two, and people have been
waiting for their turn. I do appreciate the compliment though, so thank
you. I will admit that in the past I've downloaded shows from the FTP
server that I just couldn't wait for.

Thank You,
Patrick Dailey

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