[Hpr] Vote on removing non HPR shows.

dg dg at deepgeek.us
Thu Oct 11 04:14:18 PDT 2012

OK, set up two straw polls. Use if you please


One is on format, the other on whether or not to fold into thursday.
You can pick "fold into thursday" as well as an option to limit to
once or twice per month.

I have an abstain option, which I picked for both


On Thu, 11 Oct 2012 06:58:47 -0400 dg
<dg at deepgeek.us> wrote:

> Don't feel your stabbing me in the back, Ken. Like I said, I'm
> flattered to be listened to as much as possible and as much as I have
> been. It's a labor of love for me, as I am really under the impression
> that if I don't do a newscast a lot of stuff will never come to light.
>  If the community needs me to be in the thursday que, it's fine. I
> think most people who like my newscast probably subscribed by now at
> my website. 
> The thing is, I just don't know if there would be a desire to have my
> whole news cast (world + tech) in HPR. I would really like to know
> that. And again, if it all means less of my show in HPR, while I would
> prefer to be in, if I had a group of dedicated listeners who wanted me
> to produce a separate feed of just the tech show, I would gladly do
> that.
> To say this another way, I have no idea as to whether or not the hpr
> community would be interested in the world news segment I don't
> release to the hpr feed. It's like, maybe they would like it, maybe
> they wouldn't. I really don't know. So maybe a dozen of my whole show
> per year  would be preferred by the hpr community, and if that's the
> case, well OK then, we can do that.  I really need a little "market
> research," to borrow a phrase from the corporate types.
> yours,
> ---
> DeepGeek
> On Thu, 11 Oct 2012 11:29:12 +0200
> Ken Fallon <ken.fallon at gmail.com> wrote:
> [snip] 
> > ---------------------------------------
> > TGTM News Tech Edition. 
> > 
> > Strictly speaking the content is not generated for HPR so it would
> > not classify as a dedicated series like LiTS is. The shows we put
> > out from the Full circle are edited specifically for HPR yet are
> > still in the Thursday feed. So at a minimum TGTM News should be
> > moved to the Thursday feed. Other shows like KnightWise are also in
> > the Thursday feed but we don't carry all their shows either.
> > Therefore I suggest carrying TGTM News on the Thursday feed and
> > scheduling them as per the Thursday rules, releasing the most
> > current show at the time. While it feels like I'm stabbing a friend
> > in the back, I have to admit that I don't listen to the HPR edition
> > of TGTM News as I am already subscribed to the main feed.
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