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Stephen Michael Kellat smkellat at yahoo.com
Thu Oct 11 10:39:47 PDT 2012

As the Head Writer at Erie Looking Productions, I'm already responsible
for preparing /LISTen: An LISNews.org Program/ and /Ubuntu Ohio --
Burning Circle/ weekly.  When we submit to Hacker Public Radio, we
submit content that we haven't aired on either other program.  The realm
for /LISTen/ is dealing with the world of Library & Information Science
which can all too often look from the outside like the Wizarding World
created by J.K. Rowling while /Burning Circle/ deals with *buntu matters
within the 17th largest state where the LoCo's members are very
dispersed geographically.  We've been producing actively since
mid-November 2007.  Initially we thought we'd never go past 6 episodes
of /LISTen/ and now almost five years later...

We've got one show submitted to HPR.  Others are hoped to follow.  My
producer and engineer won't allow me to recycle stuff into HPR without
really exceptional cause.

That being said, perhaps we do need to set aside an editorial panel or
something else to help bring people into the fold and mentor them.  From
experience as a stringer in newspaper reporting, you gotta have some
connection to stay in the game so you don't drift off.  The stringers
had a variety of beats that didn't necessarily intersect but we all had
one editor that held us together.  Whether it is a Panel of Mentors, The
Cabal of Helpfulness, or what have you...we need it.

Here's a couple topics ideas for the future:

1.  HOWTO Cook for yourself.  Basic recipes for the single hacker in the
age of economic insanity. (Repeatable)
2.  Building your own in-house NTP server using a radio tuned to CHU,
WWV, or other equivalent time service beacon

Stephen Michael Kellat
Head Writer, Erie Looking Productions

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