[Hpr] Embarrassing queue, and Nuclear Option

Patrick Dailey pdailey03 at gmail.com
Fri Oct 12 12:43:54 PDT 2012

Well, I for one already have a show in the "only if we have nothing else to
play" queue. It's been there for months. If we run out of episodes, you
guys have to listen to how I cook eggs. They're good eggs, so I'm not
embarrassed of the episode. It's more of a punishment/shaming, like
"*this*is what we have to resort to because
*you* did not participate like you should have. Now all your friends will
know it too."

I can't say that I like the Mutually Assured Destruction option though.
Mostly because if we ever get that close to the end, I'm going to loose a
lot of sleep staying up late to produce shows to keep it from happening.
And I can name four or five (probably a dozen if I thought about it longer)
other guys (and guy-ettes) who would do the same. I don't think there ought
to be a vote that could potentially condemn a handful of us to that via the
greater community's inaction.

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