[Hpr] Vote on removing non HPR shows.

Dave Morriss dave.morriss at gmail.com
Fri Oct 12 13:37:50 PDT 2012

On 12/10/12 15:03, Ken Fallon wrote:

> Summary:
> 	HPR releases shows on a very regular schedule and ideally the flow of
> 	shows in would match the flow of shows out.

I recently started reading some rudimentary stuff about Queueing Theory
wondering if it would help. It doesn't really, but it has a few concepts
I found useful. I'm no mathematician, so I can't go very far down this
road anyway.

> Fact:
> 	HPR can only control the release rate and has no control over the rate
> 	at which shows are submitted.  Sometimes there are very few shows in
> 	the queue resulting in problems for the admins in getting shows to
> 	air.  Other times there are a lot of shows in the queue resulting in
> 	hosts waiting a long time for their show to air.

Well put!

> The issue that needs to be solved:
> 	We need a way to regulate the queue.

Not easy since the arrival frequency of shows is probably random (a
Poisson distribution?)

> The current solution:
> 	We have used syndicated content to reduce the amount of shows released.
> 	This has failed as it has not regulated the queue.

When the community contributed show count is getting low this is a hedge
against running out of shows. However, when the cc count is higher it
throttles the release time ( apparently this is "sojourn time" in
Queueing Theory - OK, I'll stop this now :-)

> The Solution (Too many shows in the queue):
> 	Release HPR shows at a rate of five shows a week.  We have seen that
> 	a rate of 3 shows a week will fill up the queue and 5 shows a week
> 	will empty it.

Without the syndicated shows blocking HPR show throughput the rate will
increase. You could still hit problems if a sudden plethora of shows
arrived though. If that ever happened you could release on weekends
(assuming [1] the release system is heavily automated and [2] there are
other admins who can cover for weekends and other downtime).

> The Solution (Too few shows in the queue):
> 	Increase the number of backup shows in the queue.  If these shows
> 	start playing then the admins will have some time to muster new shows.

Yup. Will syndicated show providers be OK with this I wonder?

> ----------------------------------------
> With that in mind I propose changing the scheduling rules to:
> Time critical:
> 	A show contains newsworthy information of importance to the community
> 	in general.

I have been building a "rules engine"; a thing similar in concept to "if
this then that" (https://ifttt.com/wtf). I was assuming it would be
callable via REST or similar. It currently caters for time-critical shows.

Real life has kept me away from it since OggCamp. Also I've been trying
to talk it over with Ken to see where it'll fit in his plans, but we've
both been elusive.

> Reserved Show Number:
> 	Where a host has reserved a special show number (eg HPR1000).

Yes, the engine can do this too.

> Reserved Date:
> 	Where a host has reserved a special date ( eg April 1 ).

And this.

> Reserved Block:
> 	Where a host has attended a festival and can reserve up to 5 slots
> 	within two weeks of the event.

Probably. Not in my test suite at the moment.

> New Hosts:
> 	In order to encourage new hosts we will prioritize their first show.

Can be done.

> Shows From the High Priority Queue:
> 	HPR Content based on the host with the oldest previous release date.

The engine doesn't have a priority mechanism at present, but I'm sure
it's doable.

> Shows From the Normal Priority Queue:
> 	HPR Content based on the host with the oldest previous release date.

I'd suggest maybe just adding a priority value to every show in the same
queue (so the priority queues are "virtual" in effect).

> Shows From the Low Priority Queue:
> 	HPR Content based on the host with the oldest previous release date.

You might also want to compute a weighting factor based on stuff like
number of shows submitted, time since last submitted show, and use that
as another prioritisation criterion.

> Shows From the Procrastination Queue:
> 	HPR Content based on the host with the oldest previous release date.
> 	Anyone known to procrastinate will have the option of uploading an
> 	embarrassing show to this queue.  So long as the queue remains filled
> 	then the show will never be played.

Sword of Damocles queue?

I only found out about the dev mailing list this week, so I guess I
should begin writing notes to it about the code I'm writing. The
original concept code and the partly-written Object Oriented version is
on Gitorious. I plan to release an update in the next week or so.


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