[Hpr] Vote on removing non HPR shows.

Ken Fallon ken.fallon at gmail.com
Fri Oct 12 14:14:35 PDT 2012

On Fri, 12 Oct 2012 21:37:50 +0100
Dave Morriss <dave.morriss at gmail.com> wrote:

People this is why you can't judge contribution by number of shows
alone !

> Without the syndicated shows blocking HPR show throughput the rate
> will increase. You could still hit problems if a sudden plethora of
> shows arrived though. If that ever happened you could release on
> weekends (assuming [1] the release system is heavily automated and
> [2] there are other admins who can cover for weekends and other
> downtime).
NO WEEKENDS !!!! You'll mess up the numbering system ;-)

> > The Solution (Too few shows in the queue):
> > 	Increase the number of backup shows in the queue.  If these
> > shows start playing then the admins will have some time to muster
> > new shows.
> Yup. Will syndicated show providers be OK with this I wonder?

OK it sucks but the fact is I have had requests from 7 or 8 other shows
to join the HPR syndication and I've had to say no. TGTM News was
different as dg was and still is a HPR host but the fact is that it's
not HPR content and it's consuming nearly 20% of the available slots.
In fairness I think our listnership is capable of adding his main feed
to their list. In any event nothing is agreed, this is a discussion
after all, but if we do then we will need to allow time for the move. 

What I said to epicanis about "frequent contributors" applies equally
to "fellow podcasts". How do we decide which show is used and which is
not. Just look at the list that we gathered when we asked for shows we
should promote at OggCamp http://gitorious.org/hpr-scheduling-system/hpr-scheduling-system/blobs/master/thelinuxlink/podcast-master.yml

In fact I was contacted by Knight Wise today about adding new KnightCast
episodes to the queue. I explained the situation and said that we would
continue to promote other shows on the site, in the shows via promos
but also announcing their releases (we are a daily show after all). He
had the idea that we could provide a combined feed of all shows in that
list on our site. 

> I only found out about the dev mailing list this week, so I guess I
> should begin writing notes to it about the code I'm writing. The
> original concept code and the partly-written Object Oriented version
> is on Gitorious. I plan to release an update in the next week or so.
> Dave

I was just told on IRC that the redirects
http://hackerpublicradio.org/maillist isn't working so I asked Josh
(the real admin) to have a look. I also reminded him that the archives
stopped working as well.


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