[Hpr] Vote on removing non HPR shows.

Ken Fallon ken.fallon at gmail.com
Sat Oct 13 06:27:27 PDT 2012

On Sat, 13 Oct 2012 08:38:36 -0400
epicanis+hpr at dogphilosophy.net wrote:

> All I meant there was people who contribute often (but not on
> a regular schedule). Someone being who's gotten "on a roll"
> and churning out multiple episodes for HPR will help fill
> the queue, I'm just wondering how to encourage that, that's all.

Hi epicanis,

Shouldn't be an issue if we go back to pumping out 20-25 shows a month,
but to be honest I don't know. It's a valid concern and we will need to
see how it pans out. Switching from the current "first come first
served" to "last published date" will prevent a bunch of shows from the
same host coming out at the one time. Hopefully it will encourage
dormant hosts to come forward.

Right now we need everyone including myself to start pumping in shows,
especially backup or low priority shows, procrastination shows are


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