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Rebecca Newborough bobobex at bobobex.org
Mon Oct 15 14:22:33 PDT 2012

On Mon, Oct 15, 2012 at 9:59 PM, Ken Fallon <ken.fallon at gmail.com> wrote:

> >
> > Second, on Atom format for the show notes. I think asking for manual HTML
> > encoding in the show notes (as opposed to "save as html") may discourage
> > some contributors with only basic web development skills  (is there an
> > WYSIWYG edit that saves in that format?) or who might skip notes
> altogether
> > when they are short on time.  I think this is something I could learn, if
> > only someone could record a tutorial :)
> The atom format will only be used by people wanting to submit their
> own custom atom feed. The intention is to have a html form on the
> website, and it is this form that would fill in the atom xml. You
> should be able to paste in your html shownotes in there and have it
> convert it to atom xml.
Hi guys

I'm a great believer in the KISS philosophy (Keep It Simple Stupid!) so why
are we putting barriers in the way when it comes show notes? ATOM format?
XML? Excuse me - what are you talking about!  If you are trying to attract
new contributors like me, then we need to keep it simple.  Speaking from
experience, it's not obvious how I should go about putting show notes
together and getting them to HPR (unless of course I have missed a very
obvious link on the HPR contribute pages!). I just want to be able to write
my notes in a simple format and be able to upload/attach them to an email
as a doc or txt file.

I have the format/idea/outline for a show, and home-life permitting I
should be able to get it recorded tomorrow. If you think that I have
procrastinated long and hard over what to record as an episode, then that's
nothing compared to trying to work out how to upload show notes with my
episode. :(


Becky Newborough
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