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Mon Oct 15 15:14:09 PDT 2012

DISCLAIMER: I've only submitted twice now, so I could be completely full of crap
here, in which case somebody please correct me.  Meanwhile though...

> I'm a great believer in the KISS philosophy (Keep It Simple Stupid!) so why
> are we putting barriers in the way when it comes show notes? ATOM format?
> XML? Excuse me - what are you talking about!  If you are trying to attract
> new contributors like me, then we need to keep it simple.  Speaking from
> experience, it's not obvious how I should go about putting show notes
> together and getting them to HPR (unless of course I have missed a very
> obvious link on the HPR contribute pages!). I just want to be able to write
> my notes in a simple format and be able to upload/attach them to an email
> as a doc or txt file.

I think you may be mixing up the development discussion relating to HPR's 
server with what contributors actually have to do - we definitely DO want to
make it simpler! What we're talking about in this case is something we
want to have that will provide a simple web-based form that will guide 
a submitter to what information HPR needs, so that it can then automatically
turn that information into the well-structured format that the feed needs to be
in for all the feed readers.

All the Atom/XML stuff relates to what the server end will be doing, not 
what contributors have to directly deal with (except me, since I foolhardily 
volunteered!).  For now, the show notes should still just be a plain text file
like this (quoted from the README hidden on the ftp site...I thought it was
just buried in an inobvious part of the website but I can't find it, so maybe 
(quoted part follows)
The format for your files can be anything you like but 
please try and keep the same filename the same and change
the extensions of the audio and shownotes. In general a 
good naming convention is your name or handle followed 
by the show title and then extension.


The format of the ID3/OGG tags should be:
  TITLE   {Your show title}
  ALBUM   "Hacker Public Radio"
  ARTIST  {Your name/handle}
  GENRE   "Podcast"
  COMMENT "http://hackerpublicradio.org"
          {Then the shownotes}

To make life easier for us when we are posting could you
please upload a file with your show. We will use this
information to fill out the website. The file can be
a txt or a very basic html page:

o It should have the same name as your show but
  with the ".txt" or ".html" extension

o The first line should contain your name or handle. If
  you have released a show before this should be
  *exactly* the same as on:

o The second line should contain a the title of your show.

o The third line should be the series name or just leave
  it blank. If you have released a show before this should
  be *exactly* the same as on:

o The remaining text can be any other text you like and
  may include html markup.

o If you have additional slides or attachments we will
  try and facilitate hosting those as well.
(end of quoted part) 

As an example, I'll attach the text file I uploaded with my own recent submission. 
The HTML markup I'm using is entirely optional, it's just that a lot of people like
to take advantage of it. Plain text should be just fine, too.  I think the "metadata tags" 
stuff is still optional too - someone on the HPR end can handle that while encoding
the files for the feed, I think (and if not, I'll volunteer).

> I have the format/idea/outline for a show, and home-life permitting I
> should be able to get it recorded tomorrow. If you think that I have
> procrastinated long and hard over what to record as an episode, then that's
> nothing compared to trying to work out how to upload show notes with my
> episode. :(

Right now, the process is more or less "send an email saying you've got it recorded
and asking for the ftp server login and password, then use that to upload the audio
and the text file", which ends up being pretty simple once you've gone thorugh it,
but isn't necessarily obvious. 

I believe the goal is to turn the whole submission process into
a web based form where you can enter the relevant information, shownotes, etc.
and upload the original audio file to be processed for the queue - at least, that's one
of the things I'm trying to work on myself.
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In Defense of Media Freetardation
<p>It took 14 months longer than intended to get this episode done! To make up 
for it, I've unintentionally ended up with enough time of me talking to almost
make up a minimal-useful-sized episode every month while everyone's been 
<p>Today's episode of "Thoughtkindness" consists of:<ul>
<li>Me begging for forgiveness for disappearing for a year.</li>
<li>An update on "bunnies", my linux laptop from Ohava Computers</li>
<li>Over an hour of my attempt to collect and explain why we need 
to make media on the internet more "freetarded"</li>
<p>After revealing what ticked me off and made me start on this episode, I 
launch into a short technical and historical talk about the handful of audio 
and video files that matter on the web today.</p>
<p>(Opus, Ogg Vorbis, WebM, MP3, Flash Video, MP4, and a few others).</p>
<p>Following this, I explain why I think the legally-free media formats are
so important, and much more useful than most people seem to recognize, why
I think we need to be paying more attention to audio than video, and what
needs to happen to make legally-free media ubiquitous.</p>
<p>I conclude by once again begging for attention and foolishly publically
announcing that I want to try to develop some software and invite everyone
to pester me for it as well as for future audio shows. Maybe I won't be 
allowed to procrastinate for another year before producing more this time.</p>
<p>Let me know if this is helpful or at least entertaining...</p>
<p>Note: an Opus version of this episode will be available at
http://hpr.dogphilosophy.net for either online listening in 
Firefox 15 or later, or downloading for listening in VLC or 
other Opus-supporting applications.</p>

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