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Dave Morriss dave.morriss at gmail.com
Mon Oct 15 15:56:56 PDT 2012

On 15/10/12 23:14, epicanis+hpr at dogphilosophy.net wrote:
> I think you may be mixing up the development discussion relating to HPR's 
> server with what contributors actually have to do - we definitely DO want to
> make it simpler! What we're talking about in this case is something we
> want to have that will provide a simple web-based form that will guide 
> a submitter to what information HPR needs, so that it can then automatically
> turn that information into the well-structured format that the feed needs to be
> in for all the feed readers.

I must admit that I was surprised that Ken seemed to be asking
contributors to hand-craft Atom/XML. Using it in the background is a
fine idea, but this must be internal to the submission/scheduling system
in my view.

When I asked for advice on how to prepare show notes for my first show,
saying that I didn't want to hand-craft HTML, Ken suggested txt2tags
(http://txt2tags.org/). This lets you write very simple mark-up and
generates very clean HTML. It does need post-processing (proper "alt"
tags being one requirement), but not much I think.

I take the view that the simpler the mechanism the less error-prone it
is. Nobody should have to hand-craft HTML, any more than they should be
hand-crafting Postscript or PDF :-)

I submitted the audio, txt2tags input, HTML output and image files. I
put them together in a tar file for simplicity. I wish I'd seen the
README you cited beforehand, though I was fairly close.


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