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Klaatu klaatu at straightedgelinux.com
Mon Oct 15 16:51:06 PDT 2012

> On 15/10/12 23:14, epicanis+hpr at dogphilosophy.net wrote:
> > I think you may be mixing up the development discussion relating to HPR's
> > server with what contributors actually have to do - we definitely DO want
> > to make it simpler! What we're talking about in this case is something
> > we want to have that will provide a simple web-based form that will
> > guide a submitter to what information HPR needs, so that it can then
> > automatically turn that information into the well-structured format that
> > the feed needs to be in for all the feed readers.
> I must admit that I was surprised that Ken seemed to be asking
> contributors to hand-craft Atom/XML. Using it in the background is a
> fine idea, but this must be internal to the submission/scheduling system
> in my view.
> When I asked for advice on how to prepare show notes for my first show,
> saying that I didn't want to hand-craft HTML, Ken suggested txt2tags
> (http://txt2tags.org/). This lets you write very simple mark-up and
> generates very clean HTML. It does need post-processing (proper "alt"
> tags being one requirement), but not much I think.
> I take the view that the simpler the mechanism the less error-prone it
> is. Nobody should have to hand-craft HTML, any more than they should be
> hand-crafting Postscript or PDF :-)
> I submitted the audio, txt2tags input, HTML output and image files. I
> put them together in a tar file for simplicity. I wish I'd seen the
> README you cited beforehand, though I was fairly close.
> Dave

Hey everyone. 

So, I was an admin for a while back when Enigma was doing an amazing job of 
starting HPR out as a fledgling show. At that time, we suffered from exactly 
what Ken has described: a feast and famine situation where for a week we had 
more shows than we knew what to do with, and then nothing at all.

Ken's current solution, while possibly imperfect, has resulted in the most 
consistent and steady output of HPR it has *ever* seen, ever. That's not just 
a point of pride for HPR, it's also the way a podcast builds trust in an 
audience, and keeps them coming back for more.

I don't mean to be the carmudgeonly old conservative here. Just relating my 
experience, and what I think has worked best.

My [humble] vote is to continue with Ken's current solution because it, unlike 
previous models, has worked really well.

- klaatu

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