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> Date: Wed, 17 Oct 2012 11:18:20 +0200
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> Subject: Re: [Hpr] My first brush with FLOSS
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> On Wed, 17 Oct 2012 00:04:04 +0200
> Stephen Ward <aukondk at aukondk.com> wrote:
> > I've just uploaded another episode, "My First Brush with FLOSS: Doom"
> > about the open source engine behind the game Doom.
> > I really liked the punny title but as I was prepping it for upload I
> > thought maybe others could use the "First Brush with FLOSS" line for
> > their own shows. Talk about projects which introduced them to Free
> > Software which are maybe not so obvious or common.
> We did have a series last year on the theme of "How I got into Linux"
> but this is broader - I like it.  If more people do it we'll add it as
> a tag and if it becomes a bigger thing we move it to a series.
> > My wife is in hospital this week waiting for the birth of our first
> > child so I've got a bit more free time on my hands.
> I feel I can represent the entire HPR community when we wish you all
> the best of luck.
> Ken.
Thanks Ken, my daughter Dorothy was born this morning, 3kg and mother and
baby doing fine. I cried and said a very rude word when they handed her to
me. She hasn't got a middle name but I will tease her with "Dorothy Matrix
Ward, put that down at once!"

Stephen Ward
Admin - aukondk.com
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