[Hpr] Submission question, *.ogg and *.spx

Frank Bell frankwbell at cox.net
Thu Oct 18 05:54:04 PDT 2012

On Thu, 18 Oct 2012 04:21:10 -0400, Ken Fallon <ken.fallon at gmail.com>  

> For the reasons in the original post, I think we should change our
> current policy on show formats:
> from: asking the hosts to send in multiple encoded files
> to: sending in the one file in the highest quality available

It adding this does not increase the labor of the admins, it's fine with  
me.  It's less work for me to not have to add the intro and outro.   
Probably save me three or four minutes per episode.

Seriously, posing something like this as a request, rather than a  
requirement, seems to me to be a non-issue.  It will not inhibit anyone.

> If you agree to that then, I propose that where the host has a choice,
> we should use the FLAC format as we just love Freedom. I defer to
> Klaatu to supply technical details on what that should be.
> Obviously if you have recording on a device that only records in a
> lossfull format like mp3 then of course you should send that file in.

Again, as a request, non-issue.

> Do we endorse the idea of using HPR as a way to promote other shows ?
> If so do you think it's a good idea to:
> Add one or two promos to the end of the shows, in the same way as
> TLLTS does.

My only concern here is the schedule.  There might be issues with  
time-related promos.

For example, Ahuka had a show posted recently which he clearly expected to  
appear before OLF, but which did not appear until at least a week  

Otherwise, as long as the promos are Linux/Hacker related, and not for  
causes I don't like or people I can't stand (grin), go for it.

Joking aside, I'd recommend that any promos be Linux or hacker related, in  
keeping with the theme of HPR.

> Add a text-to-speech narration of the show summary to the front of
> the episode so that people can decide whither they want to listen to
> the topic now or later.
> This has been one of the most requested features when I talk to  
> listeners.

If the summary is going to be written by the author, could an alternative  
be asking the author to put the summary at the beginning of the podcast?

> Do we add a text-to-speech narration of announcements sent via
> Identi.ca or Twitter regarding topics and news that the community would
> like added to the next show.

I don't know enough to comment, as I use neither service.  Frankly, I'm  
social media-ed to death and can't take any more.  My first impression is  
that that would be redundant, as persons who need text-to-speech may  
already have it.  Perhaps someone could approach Jonathan Nadeau for an  
informed opinion.

> Do we extract the advertisement from the Outro so that we can allow
> hosts to be creative with it's use of the intro and outro. Some people
> add it and some don't and some get creative with it and I personaly
> like that a lot.

I kind of like the ad, but, if forced to choose, I'd have to go "I don't  
have an opinion."  Shortening it would be good.

> I think that the sponsor slot should be configurable depending on where
> we are hosting our material. So that we end up thanking the correct
> people. For example one for "Lunarpages" for the normal feed and another
> for "Archive.org" for the shows over there.

I think sharing some love with archive.org would be good, subject to my  
comment above.


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