[Hpr] Submission question, *.ogg and *.spx

Ken Fallon ken.fallon at gmail.com
Thu Oct 18 07:21:22 PDT 2012

On Thu, 18 Oct 2012 08:54:04 -0400
"Frank Bell" <frankwbell at cox.net> wrote:

> On Thu, 18 Oct 2012 04:21:10 -0400, Ken Fallon
> <ken.fallon at gmail.com> wrote:
> > ISSUE 2A:
> > Add one or two promos to the end of the shows, in the same way as
> > TLLTS does.
> My only concern here is the schedule.  There might be issues with  
> time-related promos.
The point is that all these promos and other messages would be added 
automatically just before the show is posted. That means that the
messages would always be current. 

> > ISSUE 2B
> > Add a text-to-speech narration of the show summary to the front of
> > the episode so that people can decide whither they want to listen to
> > the topic now or later.
> If the summary is going to be written by the author, could an
> alternative be asking the author to put the summary at the beginning
> of the podcast?
Yes it could and some will add it but some won't for whatever reason.
If we agree to the suggestion to have a summary in the input form, then
that will always be filled out. If it isn't filled out by the host then
the admins will fill it out. It's also proposed that that field will be
used to announce the new show.

> > ISSUE 2C
> > Do we add a text-to-speech narration of announcements sent via
> > Identi.ca or Twitter regarding topics and news that the community
> > would like added to the next show.
> I don't know enough to comment, as I use neither service.  Frankly,
> I'm social media-ed to death and can't take any more.  My first
> impression is that that would be redundant, as persons who need
> text-to-speech may already have it.  Perhaps someone could approach
> Jonathan Nadeau for an informed opinion.
I was more thinking that it would also be used to give feedback on the
previous days show or for the host to add additional information that
they may have missed. The use of Identi.ca/Twitter could also be a
short email or a cell/mobile sms message. 

It's not about accessibility for blind users, but accessibility for our
off line listeners. Many people listen to the shows while doing other
activities when they are not able to access a Internet device.

> > ISSUE 2D
> > Do we extract the advertisement from the Outro so that we can allow
> > hosts to be creative with it's use of the intro and outro. Some
> > people add it and some don't and some get creative with it and I
> > personaly like that a lot.
> I kind of like the ad, but, if forced to choose, I'd have to go "I
> don't have an opinion."  Shortening it would be good.

There is not a question of removing or shortening the advertisement.
That is not an option, nor would it be fair or just to do so. We are
indebted to lunarpages and archive.org for providing their services to

What we are talking about is moving the message to the front of the
show. Something like:

"This show has been provided to you using the resources of
${sponsor_name}. ${sponsor_promotional_message}" 

I don't know what would constitute an emergency but it would be nice to
have the option available. Perhaps when we are running low on shows :)

The main show itself with the intro and outro added if not already in
the uploaded show.

Short messages from the community to the community 

Upcoming events that HPR will be attending getting priority and if none
then play a random promo based on a fair rotation.

Again if we agree to all this then the order of where what goes would
need to be decided. We could also try out the play order for a while and
see if it works.


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