[Hpr] Submission question, *.ogg and *.spx

Frank Bell frankwbell at cox.net
Thu Oct 18 08:31:31 PDT 2012

On Thu, 18 Oct 2012 10:21:22 -0400, Ken Fallon <ken.fallon at gmail.com>  

> The point is that all these promos and other messages would be added
> automatically just before the show is posted. That means that the
> messages would always be current.

Works for me.

> I was more thinking that it would also be used to give feedback on the
> previous days show or for the host to add additional information that
> they may have missed. The use of Identi.ca/Twitter could also be a
> short email or a cell/mobile sms message.

I would support anything that could generate feedback.

And I think your point about off-line listeners helps account for the lack  
of comments to HPR posts.  I suspect that many persons do as I do--listen  
on an MP3 player or mobile device as if it were a portable radio as they  
do other stuff.

Given the size of the HPR community and the obvious commitment of many to  
HPR's mission, it does tend to be pretty much a one-way medium, except for  
those who participate in the lists and IRC (and you won't see me in  
IRC--I'm just not an IRC kind of guy; I know, I've tried).

> What we are talking about is moving the message to the front of the
> show. Something like:

Going Linux puts its messages at the beginning, as does Geek News  
Central.  I think that would work fine.

Note that I did not to intend to imply that the references to Lunar Pages  
&c. should be omitted by any means, just perhaps  be addressed more  
concisely.  Just a thought.

> "This show has been provided to you using the resources of
> ${sponsor_name}. ${sponsor_promotional_message}"

Here's a thought:  split the announcement into two parts, some in the  
intro and some in the outro.

Voice over intro:

"Welcome to another episode of Hacker Public Radio.  HPR is a community  
podcasting network.  All shows are contributed by members of the  
community.  HPR is funded by . . . (Bin Rev and Lunar Pages promo).  Here  
is a summary of this episode.

Voice over outro:

"Thank you for listening to another episode from HPR.  If you would like  
to contribute an episode, please visit our website at etc.  Hacker Public  
Radio was founded by etc."

I think short updates and announcements at the beginning of episodes is an  
excellent way to push news to the community; they would be much more  
likely to be noticed than if they were at the end.  I know I seldom visit  
the website--I just turn my podcatcher loose at 4 a. m. every morning, and  
I suspect I'm not alone.


"HPR has updated the 'suggested topics for a podcast' list.  Please visit  
the 'Contribute' page at the website for details."

"HPR is now posting shows in Ogg and Speex, as well as MP3.  Please visit  
the Contribute page at the website to see how you can facilitate this  
process when you post an episode."


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