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Patrick Dailey pdailey03 at gmail.com
Thu Oct 18 11:34:09 PDT 2012

> For the reasons in the original post, I think we should change our
> current policy on show formats:
> from: asking the hosts to send in multiple encoded files
> to: sending in the one file in the highest quality available
I agree

> If you agree to that then, I propose that where the host has a choice,
> we should use the FLAC format as we just love Freedom. I defer to
> Klaatu to supply technical details on what that should be.
> Obviously if you have recording on a device that only records in a
> lossfull format like mp3 then of course you should send that file in.
I agree and also vote FLAC as a first choice, and also agree that we should
try to take whatever people have the ability to send.

> Do we endorse the idea of using HPR as a way to promote other shows ?

> If so do you think it's a good idea to:
> Add one or two promos to the end of the shows, in the same way as
> TLLTS does.
Yes, but I think there should be limitations. Promos can get out of hand,
and can be a turnoff.
I propose we limit promos to no more than two or three a week, no more than
three or four plays per show per year, and I also think that we probably
should not accept financial compensation for playing promos.

> Add a text-to-speech narration of the show summary to the front of
> the episode so that people can decide whither they want to listen to
> the topic now or later.
> This has been one of the most requested features when I talk to listeners.
To clarify: Are you asking about just a show summary, or the entirety of
the shownotes? If the entirety of the shownotes, then I vote "No." If Just
a summary, then my vote is a qualified "Yes."
I don't think I like this idea, only because I find TTS voices grating. But
if people are asking for it, then I must vote "Yes". Perhaps we could get
some help from our friends at the ACF in choosing the voice.

> Do we add a text-to-speech narration of announcements sent via
> Identi.ca or Twitter regarding topics and news that the community would
> like added to the next show.
This is much better than people including such announcements in their show
content and risking it going stale.
If further description is required than what is allowed by the character
limit, then the details should be in an audio promo for the event.
I wonder if it's technically possible to have a whitelist in order to
prevent spam, and if so, and if someone is willing to code it, may we also
vote on the inclusion of a whitelist?

> Do we extract the advertisement from the Outro so that we can allow
> hosts to be creative with it's use of the intro and outro. Some people
> add it and some don't and some get creative with it and I personaly
> like that a lot.
No. We currently have two versions of the outro music with the
advertisement included. The community voted (or abstained from voting) to
use these, and afaik our advertiser is happy with them both. I propose that
we leave the door open to further submissions of the outro music, but I
feel that the community should have the chance to vote on each.

I do like the ability to add audio content before and after the music
however, and I like when other people do it too. Perhaps we could have
separate in-boxes (or a checkbox on the eventual web form) depending on
whether or not the uploaded file needs the music added?

> I think that the sponsor slot should be configurable depending on where
> we are hosting our material. So that we end up thanking the correct
> people. For example one for "Lunarpages" for the normal feed and another
> for "Archive.org" for the shows over there.

These are just my opinions atm, and my mind can be changed with better

Thank You,
Patrick Dailey
aka pokey

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