[Hpr] Prologue/Epilogue audio, audio show summary

epicanis+hpr at dogphilosophy.net epicanis+hpr at dogphilosophy.net
Thu Oct 18 17:32:07 PDT 2012

(Just splitting out two topics from the current thread for the moment...)
> > I don't think I like this idea, only because I find TTS voices grating.
> > But
> > if people are asking for it, then I must vote "Yes". Perhaps we could get
> > some help from our friends at the ACF in choosing the voice.
> You can always read them out and send them in as flac files :)

At first this seemed really strange to me, but it hadn't occurred to me
that there'd be many people just downloading the shows without even 
looking at the RSS feed to see what they're about (which I assume is why
people would want each show to start with a summary telling you what
it is you're about to hear before you hear what you're about to hear...

I have no problem with this actually (and it would be a nice hedge
against either not having or not seeing the text summary or
show notes in the RSS/Atom feed).

Anyway, the only REAL reason I'm responding here is to say "Yes, actually,
I'd probably like to record the summary myself rather than have it 
be auto-mumbled by Festival or whatever.

(tl:dr - vote yes to optional self-recorded summary in lieu of TTS)

> > I do like the ability to add audio content before and after the music
> > however, and I like when other people do it too. Perhaps we could have
> > separate in-boxes (or a checkbox on the eventual web form) depending on
> > whether or not the uploaded file needs the music added?
> > 
> >> ISSUE 2D1
> >> I think that the sponsor slot should be configurable depending on where
> >> we are hosting our material. So that we end up thanking the correct
> >> people. For example one for "Lunarpages" for the normal feed and another
> >> for "Archive.org" for the shows over there.
> > 
> > Yes
> OK What you are saying is contradictory. You want the outro unmodified
> yet it includes the advertisement which the host will edit in and put
> in material after. Then you want it configurable.[...]

Unless I'm misunderstanding, I don't think he's talking about the
music/advertisement/intro-outro audio, but bits of audio (which
I've been referring to as a "prologue" and "epilogue") before 
and after the intro/outro.  (I did this way back in my
first submission, and did it again for the submission I have in
the queue, if you want to hear what I'm referring to).

As I derive a certain amount of amusement from doing this, 
I'm also in favor of allowing this kind of leeway, though if
the HPR feed process is changing to make it unfeasible I
can cope (it may get difficult to make it work if there is
a variable amount of stuff that that may be tacked on 
before or after e.g. news, promos, advertisements, etc.)

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