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Frank Bell frankwbell at cox.net
Thu Oct 18 18:48:56 PDT 2012

On Thu, 18 Oct 2012 19:53:51 -0400, Stephen Kellat <smkellat at yahoo.com>  

> The outro is getting a bit long.  For what we're producing routinely our  
> signature close is a US-ian telephone busy signal followed by a  
> production piece of "Please Hang Up & Try Again".  The outro as recorded  
> sounds a bit muddy.

I have not noticed any muddiness, but I don't have the best ear in the  

> I'll need to talk to the rest of the Air Staff about doing some new  
> outro recordings with our wonderful Cleveland accents from Lake Erie's  
> south shores.  With luck we might be able to record something by Monday  
> that I can drop a link on-list to.

I would love it if we could have Thistleweb record the summaries.

I do not tire of listening to  him.


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