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Frank Bell frankwbell at cox.net
Fri Oct 19 09:45:30 PDT 2012

On Fri, 19 Oct 2012 09:58:55 -0400, Patrick Dailey <pdailey03 at gmail.com>  

> I'm not sure I know enough about branding to speak confidently on the  
> topic, but it does seem to me that the music (particularly the intro  
> music) is the only thing that ties all of our shows together.

I agree with this.  I like the consistency of the intro; when it starts on  
my podplayer,  it says to me, "HPR."

I have no objection to revising the intro and outro from time to time;  
indeed, I suggested some revisions a couple of days ago, but I would see  
them as "network wide" revisions, just as when a television network  
updates its logo.  It still has just one logo, just a fresher one.

If someone wants to add his or her own music after the intro or before the  
outro, as several persons have done and as many of the syndicated shows  
feature, that's fine.

I don't particularly like remixes and it's not just because I'm an old  
fogey.  I like jazz, which is a constant flux of improvisation.

It's that too many remixes are bloody awful.

Just my two cents.


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