[Hpr] Direction idea for HPR website

dg dg at deepgeek.us
Tue Apr 2 17:29:41 PDT 2013

Hey, Ken & Crew,

I recently finished the latest HPR news. When Ken started on "maybe we
don't need wordpress," I got thinking.

I think wordpress might not be the best idea for HPR because, IMHO, it
is a collaboration system for authors. Our network is a crowd of people
doing their thing in audio and publishing on one site.

So I think an HTML solution is in the cards. But I think we have an
opportunity to make excellent use of a relatively new technology that
might be well suited to our community. I'm thinking of XML conversion
templates, AKA XSLT.

Chew on this, we have a series of podcasts, but we supply each in
multiple formats because our community wants different formats for
different reasons. Each format we have, we want to have both an atom
and an rss feed. 

So, I think we should look into whether or not the following is
possible. I think we should have the HPR submission system create one
detailed XML file. I mean **ONE** file. Couldn't we then create a
series of XML conversion templates (XSLT's?) We could have one for each
kind of feed for each of our supported formats (IE, atom & RSS for each
of ogg, speex, mp3, and opus in the future, ) because, after all, feeds
are a type of xml file.  Our webpage itself can be an xhtml or html
file, so that can be generated also. As a matter of fact, we could have
a XSLT file to create a regular webpage, a visually impaired webpage
(high contrast, etc.,) and also one for text browsers (for those
uber-geeky emacs and lynx users amongst us. Dates in the XML file can
be selected for both most recent as well as current and
future-inclusive feeds if desired (heck, imaging ken queing up a whole
week in one batch, and having XML and XSLT just run HPR for a week,

To summarize my query, as I only know the very beginnings of XML
theory, I want to ask if it is possible. Can we have the HPR submission
system create one detailed file, and then have XML conversions do all
the heavy lifting for us?

Yours, seriously, geekily,  & philosophically,

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