[Hpr] I have a time sensitive episode to release

Ken Fallon ken.fallon at gmail.com
Thu Apr 18 02:00:27 PDT 2013

On Thu, 18 Apr 2013 04:00:40 -0400
Mathew Stahl <linuxgeekster.stahl at gmail.com> wrote:

> All,
> I just finished recording and episode for HPR about an Android app
> developer who had their Google Play accound wrongfully pulled by
> Google this past week and it is important that I get this episode out
> as soon as possible.
> Does anyone object to Ken releasing this episode for Friday? It would
> be much appreciated by that developer.
> Thanks,
> Mathew Stahl
> AKA neodragon

For Everyone's Information, neodragon's last show was on "2012-03-20".

Last release time of show hosts:
182	2012-10-24	Epicanis <epicanis+hpr.nospam at nospam.dogphilosophy.net>
185	2012-10-31	Mike Hingley <computa_mike.nospam at nospam.hotmail.com>
115	2012-11-28	sigflup <pantsbutt.nospam at nospam.gmail.com>
73	2012-12-28	deepgeek <hpr.nospam at nospam.deepgeek.us >
158	2013-01-09	Various Creative Commons Works <host158 at hackerpublicradio.org>
214	2013-01-24	Nido Media <nido.nospam at nospam.foxserver.be>
229	2013-02-21	Charles in NJ <catintp.nospam at nospam.yahoo.com>
198	2013-02-22	Ahuka <zwilnik.nospam at nospam.zwilnik.com>
238	2013-03-05	Jon Kulp <jonlancekulp.nospam at nospam.gmail.com>
195	2013-03-07	Frank Bell <frank.nospam at nospam.pineviewfarm.net>
78	2013-03-19	klaatu <klaatu.nospam at nospam.hackerpublicradio.org>
235	2013-03-22	NYbill <nybill.nospam at nospam.gunmonkeynet.net>
30	2013-04-01	Ken Fallon <ken.fallon.nospam at nospam.gmail.com>

Therefore he would get to the top of the queue anyway. The only show
affected by this request is TGTM News who have already released this
week on Monday, due to getting bumped the previous week.

I recommend releasing it.


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