[Hpr] Show upload form/ATOM feed/Opus questions...

epicanis+hpr at dogphilosophy.net epicanis+hpr at dogphilosophy.net
Sat Apr 20 14:36:35 PDT 2013

Believe it or not, I haven't entirely forgotten (and definitely not abandoned) my attempt to get a web-based upload form for HPR submissions built, and in the process at least help get an ATOM feed going and awesome .opus format versions of the shows in progress.

I'm forcing my self to spend some time this evening away from the meatspace chores that are consuming my time to work on this again. (What I'm buried in right now is moderately urgent but incredibly tedious - making some time in the evenings to work on something more productive may help keep me minimally maladaptive.)
There's not actually too much left to do on this end to get it into a workable state for testing, but now that I've opened it back up and looked at it I had a few minor questions.
(Quick reminder for anyone that might be interested - what the form will look like can be seen at http://hpr.dogphilosophy.net/hprup.php )

The main question I have is: should I include a field in the upload form for the submitter to include their URL, or should I assume the submitter URL in the ATOM entry should be the HPR page for the submitter (and therefore something that will be filled in by HPR administrators later e.g. "http://hackerpublicradio.org/correspondents.php?hostid=182")?
(Alternative question: what are the odds of getting a case-insensitive "hostname=[whatever]" mode for correspondents.php, so that it would be more feasible to pre-generate an HPR host URL at submission time?)

A secondary question is: Should I re-add a field to the upload form for a submitter to provide their own suggested "tags"? (I'd removed this previously to simplify the rather complex-looking form).  ATOM supports a "<category>" tag that could be used/abused for this (as well as for information pulled from the media file metadata, which is what I'm currently assuming it might get used for).  

(As an example, if a user put in "linux,ponies,naked midget jello wrestling,llamas" for tags, the entry would include:

<category term="tag">linux</category>
<category term="tag">ponies</category>
<category term="tag">naked midget jello wrestling</category>
<category term="tag">llamas</category> )
As far as I know, this is entirely optional, so I can also just leave that out completely for now if that makes it easier, and add it in later. I'm working on the atom entry text right now, though, so I wanted to ask.

One last, less-directly-relevant, more long-term question: is there anything in the way of starting opus support for hpr besides needing me to quit screwing around and develop a feed to put it in? (i.e. will it be easy to just add an opusenc step to the existing process or are there other technical issues that need to be resolved for it?)

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