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Ken Fallon ken.fallon at gmail.com
Mon Apr 22 02:15:05 PDT 2013

On Sat, 20 Apr 2013 22:34:37 +0200
Ken Fallon <ken.fallon at gmail.com> wrote:

> On Sat, 20 Apr 2013 15:45:45 -0400
> epicanis+hpr at dogphilosophy.net wrote:
> > > Uh, have we moved from "There are no shows in the queue, how can
> > > we possibly keep going?" to the alternate state of "We have too
> > > many shows, we need to split the feed."
> > 
> > Or, "we can consider posting more than one show in a day"...
> > 
> > I like the idea of adding "Various creative commons works" to the
> > feed, assuming they are likely to be "of interest to hackers" in
> > which case it makes sense to me to keep them with the main feed, but
> > they could potentially be released as "bonus episodes" on the same
> > day as a regular episode, rather than further extending the backlog
> > (2 months, currently...).  Some sort of rule based on the current
> > backlog of shows could be declared to determine when these extra
> > shows are added as a daily "bonus episode" or just inserted as "that
> > day's show" like normal (e.g. "if there are at least 3 weeks worth
> > of regular shows in the queue, OCC shows are released concurrently
> > with a regular show on the same day. Otherwise, they are treated as
> > a regular show.")
> > 
> > Just a thought.
> > 
> > (What IS the "ideal" backlog for the HPR queue?)
> > 
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> Hi Everyone,
> Reality check please at the HPR mailing list. Before you all fall
> under the assumption that we have loads of shows, I will remind you
> that "we still have 149 slots to fill this year". You might think
> looking at the queue that we are doing fine but we still need ONE
> HUNDRED AND FORTY NINE SHOWS ! That's exactly half of all the shows
> that The Linux Outlaws have produced EVER and we need them before the
> end of the year.
> Sometimes there is a backlog, some things happen and there are new
> hosts, there are urgent shows, etc etc, but I guarantee you that
> during the Summer months we have to beg to get any shows at all.
> Anyway don't be dazzled by the number of shows in the queue. Look
> closely and you'll see that 14 are contributed by Ahuka, 5 by myself,
> 3 by Klaatu, and 2 by jonkulp.
> This is what the queue looks like without these four people:
> 20130324T062028Z_214_NidoMedia-SaturdaySessionWhatIsHacking
> 20130326T014143Z_73_deepgeek_LamentForThttpd
> 20130326T052736Z_182_Epicanis-Thoughtkindness002-Playing-Ingress
> 20130401T180834Z_115_sigflup_talk_cyberpunk_to_me
> 20130401T171122Z_229_Charles_in_NJ_Doomsday_Rule
> 20130403T000543Z_185_fightcodegame
> 20130409T011455Z_115_sigflup-mitigating-sql-injection-and-other-message-protocol-attacks-through-compiler-signatures
> 20130415T220047Z_235_Timttmy_and_NYbill-3G_TunnelsSshuttle
> 20130416T185336Z_195_Frank_Bell_Achieves_Enlightenment_Adventures_with_E17_Pt_One
> If these people had not contributed we would be out of shows in a week
> and a half. Given it takes three weeks between a call for shows before
> we get any in, we would be in very serious trouble.
> So my advice to you all is keep, come back in about 4th of July
> and have a look at how full the queue is. In the mean time please
> record your show. As you are doing that record another one for the
> backup queue.
> Ken.

Hi All,

I am very tempted to remove the list of shows entirely, because as soon
as it begins to fill up, people seem to think the pressure is off.
Welcome to HPR - the pressure is never off - ever. 

With their permission, I have moved all but one of Klaatu's, Ahuka's and
my own shows to the backup queue. As these "multiple contributes"
release shows their next show will be moved from the backup queue.

If this feels like I am hiding shows, it's because yes I am
hiding show. I have already seen the chilling effect of the word
getting out that "HPR has enough shows" in previous years. Even after
our queue was empty, the delay in other podcasts releasing their shows
continued to rebroadcast the erroneous message for months. 

If anyone has any ideas of how to be transparent without everyone
flipping out and declaring International Let's Open The Flood Gates
Day, I'd love to hear it.

To manage expectations I've updated the contribute page to add:
"Scheduling Rules
Please be aware that we cannot predict when your show will be out, but
sooner of later it will be released. Sometimes a new host will jump to
the top of the queue, while other hosts seem to be waiting a long time.
This is because all the shows at HPR are scheduled according to the
Scheduling Guidelines, which apply to everyone without exception."

I'll add "Graph Average wait time" to the todo list.


Ken (you may have hit a nerve) Fallon.

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