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NYbill nybill at gunmonkeynet.net
Mon Apr 22 09:29:09 PDT 2013

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Hey guys, I had a convo with Ken about this and he said maybe put the
question up to the mailing list.

I tend to do HPR's with friends. To give the other person credit we
would put the other persons name up. But, I noticed this creates
mutli-named hosts. When posting 3 of the recent NELF shows I didn't want
to create host names "Pokey and NYbill" and "Klaatu, Pokey, and NYbill."
So, I put them up under my own name and credited them in the show notes
(However the show notes were changed to be more community oriented. I
didn't mind this. I thought it was a good idea as everyone on the
episodes were part of the HPR community. Not just the interviewers.)

After I saw the 4th NELF show go up under "Various Hosts". I wish I had
thought of that before hand I would have used that.

Recently I put up a episode with Timttmy and I. But, he is not
"officially" a host yet.  I wanted to give him credit. But, I didn't
want to create another multi-named host and be bumped to the top of the
queue.  I told Ken it was fine to put us in the back of the line as I've
had a few shows up lately.

So, what do you guys think about this? Is it "host clutter" to have
multi-named hosts?  If so, I'm thinking the person who takes the time to
edit and post the show up should use their host name.  Then credit the
other people in the show notes.  But, it would also be nice if all the
hosts on the episode would show up on the listeners player/phone.  Maybe
this can be done with the metadata?  That would stop a new multi-name
host from being created.  But, when someone looks at their screen to see
who is on the episode the info/credit is there.

Just kicking around ideas,
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