[Hpr] Visibility of the show queue/calendar

Ken Fallon ken.fallon at gmail.com
Tue Apr 23 11:10:31 PDT 2013

So then. 

Is everyone happy with the link to the show list on the page or should
we put it back the way it was ?

I (now) like the idea of having a show meter on the main page. 
| Not Enough | Happy Place | Too Many |

Despite what I said yesterday, a year is too long. How about a month
for each section ? The logic been that we need about a month between
putting the call out to getting in shows again. Then waiting three
months is probably too long for most people.

I also like the suggestion of having a regular, reserve, and panic
queue. We would need to define the rules though.

And I absolutely love the idea of ALL CAPS, with comic sans and kitten.

I might even ask Dann for his Doba collection, embedded in a html5
video tag on autoplay - NICE !


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