[Hpr] HPR Web Submission Form: Ready for [second] review

epicanis+hpr at dogphilosophy.net epicanis+hpr at dogphilosophy.net
Thu Apr 25 12:17:32 PDT 2013

I've just made some minor changes to the forms as noted in my last email to the list.
Turns out I completely misunderstood what the Atom text was supposed to be for.

That said, I'd still encourage people to try the sample feed I previously mentioned in
whatever "podcatchers" they have, since my understanding is that this is still what 
the HPR feed is eventually planned to become (after some transformation of the
entry during processing).

Also, thanks Bradley J Booms! That looks a heck of a lot nicer (I've always had a
pretty "utilitarian" approach. I should really be paying more attention to that sort
of thing...) 

Now that I'm actually using git (locally) to track changes on this, when I get some
time I'll sit down and figure out how to send merge requests to gitorious.

As far as using md5 hash or similar things - I think I had mentioned that when
Ken and I were having a (friendly and educational!) argument about UUID on
the dev list back when I started in on this. Other than importing the UUID
generation code (which was pretty much copy-and-paste) it didn't really
make it any more difficult to write, so I didn't mind doing it that way anyway.
The current alternative I have programmed in there as an option is timestamp
(which would run a very small but nonzero risk of issues when two people 
uploaded at precisely the same instant) on the assumption that timestamp
is at least a potentially-useful piece of information as well as suitable (for
this use) as a unique ID.  md5sum of the uploaded file would have the same
benefit (and could be fairly easily added as an extra ID option, with a little bit
of refactoring of the "$uuid" variable handling since it would no longer just
be "true or false") if that was desirable.

(In practical terms on the server side, it probably doesn't make much 
difference either way - so long as whatever the ID is, it remains unique enough
to keep the uploads together but separate from other uploads during processing
it should work equally well.  I do, however, think UUID is a tool of the devil. :-) )

I'll surely be taking into account everything I learn from the HPR submission form
development as I work on the web-based free-media-generator project I mentioned
back in 1103, so this is all quite educational for me either way.

(Slightly off-topic but does anybody here actually understand the friggin' flac 
data structure that embedded images ["album art"] use in Ogg Vorbis and Opus?
I would swear I'm generating it correctly but it still doesn't work for me...)

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