[Hpr] we need shows + saturday sessions retry

Nido Media nido at foxserver.be
Wed Feb 27 02:17:09 PST 2013

Dear fellow HPR people,

Looking at the hpr homepage i noticed we have a grand total of two 
different hosts having shows available for the queue. Also, next 
saturday is a day for the HPR Community News recording, which'll start 
at 19:00 UTC. If my calculations are correct, 19:00 UTC corresponds to 
20:00 Europe/Amsterdam time.

So I wanted to retry to do the 'HPR Saturday sessions' again. Last time 
I emailed my timing was not the greatest. I hope this email will be more 
on time. If we get together at 17:00 UTC (=18:00 europe/amsterdam time = 
'standard' saturday sessions time), we may very well be able to produce 
a few more episodes for the queue before the community news start. I'd 
be happy to talk about RPM packaging, have a session discussing the 
networking that happens by visiting a website, or talk about some 
spamming techniques.

If you have a subject you want to talk about, but feel you need a live 
audience to impress, a person to explain to or even someone to ask 
questions, I'll be there in the HPR room on mumble.openspeak.cc Port: 
64747 17:00 UTC. If you have any questions/suggestions/badgering, feel 
free to reply.

Kind regards,

Nido Media

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