[Hpr] NSFW: WARNING This email contains EXPLICIT material.

Ken Fallon ken.fallon at gmail.com
Mon Jan 28 09:04:07 PST 2013

On Mon, 28 Jan 2013 08:30:12 -0500
Patrick Dailey <pdailey03 at gmail.com> wrote:

> I like the SFW flag idea better. That way we have a fail safe default
> of NSFW. Is their a metadata tag that we're not using that could be
> used for this? If so, can the processing script be made to preserve
> that tag if "SFW" is found, and write "NSFW" to it if not?

The itunes:explicit tag is the de facto standard and we are already
flagging everything as explicit using it. Apple will ban any show that
has not set the explicit flag but has explicit material.

With that in mind people would want to be really sure that
their shows meet whatever unspecified requirements Apple has before
they take the flag off.

Of course the itunes:explicit tag is very binary so perhaps
you would be better to pick some of the other standards. You are
probably most familiar with the Motion Picture Association of America
film rating system, where the appropriate age of the audience is
given. G, PG, PG-13 etc. So it would be good to start there. 

That said we are an International community so you'll also want to add
the ratings for the other countries.
http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Motion_picture_rating_system. Remember that
some countries have additional classifications. For example the
Netherlands require age but also require you to add whither the show
contains violence, sexual content, frightening scenes, drug or alcohol
abuse, discrimination, or coarse language.

The more I think about it the effort to fill out all the ratings listed
here might be a bit much. A much better approach would be to classify
the content and luckily for us the work has already been done by the
TVAnytime standards body. So when 
You can simply submit a list of elements from the classification
scheme. So for example
uri="urn:tva:metadata:cs:ContentAlertCS:2002:6.5.2" would be submitted
if your show has content that has "Deliberate infliction of pain to
fantasy characters (including animation)" if it has not, then simply
include a line that has
uri="urn:tva:metadata:cs:ContentAlertCS:2002:6.5.1" which means "No
violence descriptors". 


I cannot begin to say how bad I believe this whole censorship idea to
be, the whole concept that we are policing our shows disgusts me.
*Please* don't think this is an attack at dosman or anyone else, it's
just I have some very fundamental objections to regulating morality.

I hate the term "Not safe for work". Firstly, and I cannot stress this,
enough, WEAR FUCKING HEADPHONES. Why would you play any audio out loud
so that another person can be disturbed by it. Are you trying to be
antisocial ? No one wants to hear your music nor do they want to hear
your podcasts. If you need to listen as part of your job then listen
with one ear bud, otherwise use good headphones. If anyone gives you
grief about not hearing fire alarms then tell them how do they intend
to alert deaf employees to fires ? 

I don't know where you work but I've worked in places as a student that
were either dominated by men or women and *nothing* and I mean
*nothing* prepared me for the level of conversation to be heard on
those lines. Are we saying that those jobs are not real work ?

Where did this whole concept of "Not safe for work" come from ? Quoting
from http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Not_safe_for_work

"nudity, pornography or profanity, which the viewer may not want to be
seen accessing in a public or formal setting such as at work." 
"NSFW has particular relevance for individuals making personal use of
the Internet at workplaces or schools which have policies prohibiting
(even inadvertent) access to sexually provocative content. Companies
and schools frequently adopt such policies because they regard the
presence of sexual content as a misuse of company property (or
education resources) and, potentially, a violation of sexual harassment

Seriously you need to police this ? And are these policies effective,
they make people feel safe do they ? I would rather know who the racist
sexist pigs are than having a policy that hides them from exposing
themselves (no pun intended). And of course it's pointless because
"Determining a site to be NSFW is invariably subjective, and poses
challenges for academics who study sexuality." So in the end people not
policies need to determine what's acceptable or not.

I'm far more concerned about bringing in "biscuit en muisjes" to
celebrate a birth when there are people in the office that are
struggling to have children. Something that you would know if you had
a genuine relationship with your co-workers but will never be covered by
a policy.

We are a International community so how exactly do we cope with the
fact that for some, like the Irish, the use of the word fuck is not
all that offensive and it's acceptable to use it when necessary.

This brings me to "family friendly" and I mean seriously it's ok to
expose your children to stories of people been bombed, raped and
murdered every night on TV and yet it's bad to let them hear the word
fuck. My wife and I vet every single thing the children watch and read
to make sure it's appropriate for them as individuals. I do however
teach them curse words because 
a) They are going to find out anyway
b) They can practice the words at home and not embarrass themselves when
we go out
c) There is nothing more embarrassing than some non native English
speaking teenager trying to be cool on the train mispronouncing fuck.
Embarrassing for them as I make them repeat it until they get the
pronunciation correct.

Don't get me wrong I'm not encouraging my children to use curse words
all the time but sometimes it's the only correct thing to use. Case in
point. It's snowing, my children are walking behind me to the entrance
to the neighborhood. We stop in a line across the street from the
entrance and are doing the "look left look right, listen, look left
look right" thing, when a gentleman drives up on the wrong side of the
street and parks his 4x4 on the pavement blocking the entrance to the
street. They learned a new word that day and it wasn't "anti-social".


Again what's family friendly is totally dependent on the society you
live in. In the Netherlands you start getting sex education in
preschool and right on from there. I plan to do an episode on our own
first hand experiences on the topics of Adoption, IVF, Surrogacy, Gay
marriage, euthanasia ... all topics that people may find disturbing but
are they explicit if I don't use the words fuck ?

Yes I accept the practical need to do this but it's down to trust. Do
you trust someone else to make the decision for you ? You are going to
have to trust the community to use this flag in a way that you expect.

I would like to thank you all for allowing me to vent on this topic and
to be honest, I do trust the HPR community to set this flag accurately
even taking the points above into account.


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