[Hpr] Show ideas from New Year's

George sndchaser at cerebralrift.org
Wed Jan 9 10:12:02 PST 2013

Did the GWO producer give any hints about the content of the show?  
Will it just be SadOS and Ruji's comic?  Or will there be any other 
content about her other artwork?


On 2013-01-09 08:24, Klaatu wrote:
> On Wednesday, January 09, 2013 09:17:11 AM Kevin O'Brien wrote:
>> I was listening to #7 of the New Year's Eve shows this morning on my
>> commute, and I thought there were several topics worth developing 
>> into
>> HPR shows. I am still not entirely sure what "Sad OS" is, but I 
>> would
>> love to see Ruji (?) do show on it. Come to think of it, Ruji should
>> also do a show about her web comic and how she promotes it, etc. And
>> there was someone talking about Mageia who I think was part of the
>> project and should certainly do a show about it.
>> Regards,
> I got a hot tip from the producers of Gnu World Order that Ruji will 
> be heard
> from again on an upcoming episode.
> That's http://gnuworldorder.info for those of you who don't know.
> - klaatu
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