[Hpr] CQ CQ CQ de KT4KB - Let's do a podcast Via Amatuer Radio

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Wow, what a great email!  

Your suggestions and requests are well taken. You have given me a few more podcasts to work on. 

73, KT4KB_Jon

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I think that's a great idea! 
I'm not a HAM. I have no clue about radio. I would love, love to hear more.
May I make a suggestion/request? Take baby steps! You as HAM radio operators know a lot about radio that noobs like many of us in the audience do not understand and can barely comprehend. I've listened to lots of HAM-related stuff (podcasts, friends talking, etc) and have yet to truly understand how to get started down the HAM path. For example: 
Episode One:
- do I have to have a license before even dipping my toe into this?
- how do i listen?
- how do i broadcast?
- what gear do i need?
- where do i find the gear that i need?
- once i am licensed, what's the first thing i should do?
Episode Two:
- how do i get HAM going on Linux?
- what do i need to install? do i need to recompile my kernel with the HAM support built in?
- what applications will i need and how do they relate to the components discussed in episode one?
- are there any hardware requirements for this or is it all in software?
- once i get the software up and running, what's my first step? do i go to a chat room radio channel or just ping someone I know and talk? or what?
Just some ideas!
- klaatu
On Wednesday, January 09, 2013 02:56:23 PM Jon Lambdin wrote:


    Calling HPR Ham radio operators. During the 24 hou New Years Eve show Ken Fallon again brought up his request of a show recorded via Amatuer Radio. I got to thinking about that, and thought oh what the hell, I'll give it a try. This email is an attempt to enlist any fellow Amatuers to help get this done. I am looking for ideas and a QSO partner(s). I am active on HF, and echolink, but not on D-STAR (yet). Please drop me a line if you'd like to help either on-air or with ideas.

73, KT4KB_Jon

kt4kb at yahoo.com
kt4kb.jon at gmail.com

p.s. Are You f'n Happy Ken?     :-) he he he!

- klaatu
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