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I plan on being at NELF, and I'll be in full uniform. <-read, HPR shirt
from last year.

Good fun!

On 01/18/2013 08:29 AM, Patrick Dailey wrote:
> Hey everyone.
> Thank you all for making the New Year's Eve show such an awesome event.
> There is a ton of positive feedback floating around the interwebs
> because of it. You guys rock!
> Conference season is aproaching, and I'd like to start planning for the
> one that I'll be attending, The Northeast Gnu/Linux Fest March 16 & 17.
> The last couple of years it was in February, so it was the first US
> conference of the year, but since it's been changed to March, I'm not
> sure if it still is. Does anyone know who has the conference kit? Does
> anyone need it before March 16?
> Would anyone like to be part of the HPR team at NELF (or any other
> conference for that matter) this year? If so, what's your t-shirt size,
> favorite color, and do you like a pocket t, or a plain front? There are
> no requirements, or expectations, but people will almost definitely ask
> you what HPR is when they see all the shirts with HPR logos on them.
> I'll be taking care of the shirts for NELF, so don't worry about that.
> I'll hand them out there.
> It looks like the talks at NELF wrap up around 2PM. I know a great
> Mexican place about a block away from the venue, and was planning on
> grabbing lunch there at some point. Sadly it is not within my means to
> offer to buy lunch for everyone (well, I could offer, but I couldn't
> deliver), but I hope we can make a time of it. The Restaurant is The
> Border Cafe on 32 Church Street in Cambridge MA. I called them and
> verified that they have a vegetarian menu also. If enough of want to go
> together, I'll make reservations for 3:00 or 3:30, so we don't have to
> wait out in the cold.
> That's all I can think of for now. Does anyone else have any ideas?
> -- 
> Thank You,
> pokey
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