[Hpr] HPR Saturday Sessions

Nido Media nido at foxserver.be
Sat Jan 26 07:50:06 PST 2013

Dear HPR mailing list subscribers,

I need to apologise to you. Last december, I and KWisher got an idea top 
create HPR Saturday Sessions, and I went along and tried to get it 
booted up ASAP. In this I took no regard of the fact I was off to 
vacation a few weeks later and unable to do this project. I Promised I'd 
return after my vacation and resume the idea. I also promised I would 
send this email a lot sooner then I actually did, but all sorts of other 
stuff took priority when I returned from my vacation, and only when I 
heard the Autotools episode on HPR I realised I have neglected the HPR 
Saturday Sessions. My apologies especially to Ken Fallon because despite 
his busy schedule, he recorded a prefix to the episode saying recording 
will continue january 12; something that I failed to make happen.

Anyway, Part two of the promise was an email to this mailing list 
describing the idea. The idea is to be available on predefined times 
(this saturday, 12:00 EST, or 18:00 Europe/Amsterdam time), to be able 
to help people record HPR content. For example, I myself have tried for 
three times to record an episode in solitude, but got trapped in my own 
words trying to explain it. When I went on the mumble, I was able to 
tell an audience about the subject, get questions and directions into 
what needs to be explained better.

In an effort to share this experience I want to be available for 
whomever has something to say, but requires additional meatware to make 
it happen. It has also been said I should look for a place to discuss 
and plan upcoming 'episodes' of this, for which I want to nominate this 
mailing list for the time being.

Given it is saturday today, and in fact about an hour from 'prime time', 
for todays episode I have planned to explain to anyone interested the 
process of RPM packaging works, from source code to repository. If you 
want to hear it, have a subject for yourself, or just want to hackle me, 
feel free to join atthe linuxbasix mumble server.

kind regards,

Nido Media

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