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Wow, what a great idea. I love the name too. I wish I had read my email
sooner. It sounds like a lot of fun, even just to listen in on.

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>    1. HPR Saturday Sessions (Nido Media)
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> Date: Sat, 26 Jan 2013 16:50:06 +0100
> Subject: [Hpr] HPR Saturday Sessions
> Dear HPR mailing list subscribers,
> I need to apologise to you. Last december, I and KWisher got an idea top
> create HPR Saturday Sessions, and I went along and tried to get it booted
> up ASAP. In this I took no regard of the fact I was off to vacation a few
> weeks later and unable to do this project. I Promised I'd return after my
> vacation and resume the idea. I also promised I would send this email a lot
> sooner then I actually did, but all sorts of other stuff took priority when
> I returned from my vacation, and only when I heard the Autotools episode on
> HPR I realised I have neglected the HPR Saturday Sessions. My apologies
> especially to Ken Fallon because despite his busy schedule, he recorded a
> prefix to the episode saying recording will continue january 12; something
> that I failed to make happen.
> Anyway, Part two of the promise was an email to this mailing list
> describing the idea. The idea is to be available on predefined times (this
> saturday, 12:00 EST, or 18:00 Europe/Amsterdam time), to be able to help
> people record HPR content. For example, I myself have tried for three times
> to record an episode in solitude, but got trapped in my own words trying to
> explain it. When I went on the mumble, I was able to tell an audience about
> the subject, get questions and directions into what needs to be explained
> better.
> In an effort to share this experience I want to be available for whomever
> has something to say, but requires additional meatware to make it happen.
> It has also been said I should look for a place to discuss and plan
> upcoming 'episodes' of this, for which I want to nominate this mailing list
> for the time being.
> Given it is saturday today, and in fact about an hour from 'prime time',
> for todays episode I have planned to explain to anyone interested the
> process of RPM packaging works, from source code to repository. If you want
> to hear it, have a subject for yourself, or just want to hackle me, feel
> free to join atthe linuxbasix mumble server.
> kind regards,
> Nido Media
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Thank You,
Patrick Dailey

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