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Wed Jan 30 09:17:34 PST 2013

Sorry I posted this the admin mail instead of the regular list. Reposted
now - Me=does not pay attention : )

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Date: Wed, Jan 30, 2013 at 9:10 AM
Subject: HPR Stickers - I am ready to order
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Getting ready for the HPR table at Linux Fest Northwest in April. I am
ready to order a batch of 500 oval HPR stickers so I have something to give
out.  I would like to have a well rounded bit of swag  - so I am asking if
we could get some discussion on the list as to what would be good swag but
not cost a fortune. Would there be people who would want to sponsor swag
for fests (US and Europe)? In fact would there be any value in having a
'fest-pak' available or at least a list of what a 'fest-pak' might llok
like so anyone doing a fest or maybe a county fair etc could get a kit
together and know the cost.

I realize that many hackers are more innovate or just want to do their own
thing so some may not find this valuable. Anyway - I plan to make the
sticker order for the ovals by Feb 9 -

Just to be clear - My contribution at LFNW is not tied to any of this  -  I
just want to toss this subject out there. None or negative response is ok
with me

Bottom line - What would a good fest kit look like? and Do you have any
ideas or contributions (art, etc.)? [I realize the HPR site has some art]

I'll try to summarize any responses and post back to the list.

davidWHITMAN -the ungeek
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