[Hpr] Fw: interview Icelandic Parliamentarian Birgitta Jónsdóttir

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Sun Jul 7 09:35:55 PDT 2013

Hi, Guys,

Ken said I should forward this to the list to see what the list


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On 2013-07-07 16:42, dg wrote:
> Hey, Ken,
> I'm not sure where to go with something, can you advise?
> While in Iceland I interviewed Icelandic Parliamentarian Birgitta
> Jónsdóttir, and I just published at www.talkgeektome.us. I really
> can't split it down into "tech portion" as the conversation was a bit
> "all over the place," so I wanted to if I could get this submitted to
> HPR as a syndicated episode (not even really sure if we really do that
> anymore, but I note you post that we are low on shows.)
> Can you browse...
> http://www.talkgeektome.us/tgtmnews-100.xhtml
> and let me know if it can be used?  If so, what steps shall I take, or
> can you just grab it all from that page?
> Thanks!
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> Subject: [Newaudio] tgtm news 100 now available
> Hello, all,
> In this special episode of TGTM news I interview Icelandic
> Parliamentarian Birgitta Jónsdóttir.  We discuss Ban Ki-moon's recent
> faux pas in Iceland's Parliment, Birgitta's hacking, her work in human
> rights and privacy, and whether or not Wikileaks is living up to it's
> original mandate. Click on show notes page for in-progress rush
> transcript, link to opus format file, and picture of Birgitta! 
> http://www.talkgeektome.us/tgtmnews-100.xhtml
> Direct Download Audio Links (Choose Format:)
> http://www.talkgeektome.us/audio/tgtm-news-100-20130707.flac
> http://www.talkgeektome.us/audio/tgtm-news-100-20130707.ogg
> http://www.talkgeektome.us/audio/tgtm-news-100-20130707.mp3
> http://www.talkgeektome.us/audio/tgtm-news-100-20130707.spx
> http://www.talkgeektome.us/audio/tgtm-news-100-20130707.opus
> Enjoy!
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Hi DG,

Just send it to the list and see what they decide.


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