[Hpr] Fw: interview Icelandic Parliamentarian Birgitta Jónsdóttir

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Sun Jul 7 15:31:02 PDT 2013

If the queue was heavily backlogged I might have a (relatively mild) objection to inserting
syndicated shows, but given the empty void of open show slots right now and the obvious 
of-interest-to-hackers nature of the topic, I vote "go for it". If nothing else, one more filled 
slot will slightly temporarily assuage my guilt at not having a new episode up yet myself
to help...

(I'm doubting anyone will object, but if someone does I can volunteer to listen to
it and record a brief introduction and comments to go with it to make it a "derivative
work" as had previously been discussed for posting other CC-licensed material
to the HPR stream some time back...)

>"In this special episode of TGTM news[...]"

As self-appointed Minister of Opus Format Advocacy, I am compelled to 
ask "where is the opus versi..."
>"[...]Click on show notes page for in-progress rush
> transcript, link to opus format file"

Oh. Um. Right. Never mind. Carry on. :-)

(Also: awesome!)
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