[Hpr] LUG Presentation

jezra jezra at jezra.net
Mon Jul 29 21:25:46 PDT 2013

If possible, it would be great if your presentation included a
demonstration of using Audacity to record and edit audio. For some
people (me), a live demonstration of software is highly inspiring.

> I will be talking to my LUG about HPR this weekend.
> I have an idea of what I want to say, but I would appreciate
> suggestions regarding the one or two things *you* think are most
> important about HPR.  I know what I think, but I'd like to frame this
> thing to try to push as many buttons as possible to motivate my
> audience to participate, if not by contributing, at least by
> listening.
> Also, if you have a favorite HPR podcast and can provide a link, I'd
> be happy to work them into a handout.
> The main things I'm thinking of mentioning (this is still very
> preliminary--this just happened tonight) are
> * the welcoming spirit
> * the openness of the community
> * the freedom afforded to pick any topic and to approach it in a way
> of one's choosing
> * the tolerance of less-than-perfect audio
> * the stunning variety of topics for the listener (and the presenter)

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