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On 07/29/2013 10:41 PM, Frank Bell wrote:
> I will be talking to my LUG about HPR this weekend.
> I have an idea of what I want to say, but I would appreciate
> suggestions regarding the one or two things *you* think are most
> important about HPR.  I know what I think, but I'd like to frame
> this thing to try to push as many buttons as possible to motivate
> my audience to participate, if not by contributing, at least by
> listening.
> Also, if you have a favorite HPR podcast and can provide a link,
> I'd be happy to work them into a handout.
> The main things I'm thinking of mentioning (this is still very
> preliminary--this just happened tonight) are
> * the welcoming spirit * the openness of the community * the
> freedom afforded to pick any topic and to approach it in a way of 
> one's choosing * the tolerance of less-than-perfect audio * the
> stunning variety of topics for the listener (and the presenter)
Ah nice! While I've never given a formal talk at my LUG regarding HPR
(we don't really do presentations/talks) I've told everyone about HPR
over the years. Its has generated some more listeners. There are more
then a few HPR stickers on laptops there now. It also has a few of
them keen to record one.

But, for what ever reason, some people seem to be a bit reluctant to
take the final plunge. Especially on their own, a solo recording. It
might make it easier for them if you offer to help. maybe have a
recorded chat, interview them on how they got into linux or something.
Offer to help them record (together or alone), edit it, push up the
show, do the show notes. What ever the step is that keeps them hesitant.

It seems to me, once people get over that initial hump and hear their
show come out "live", they get 'the bug'.  If/when they do, they will
figure out editing/posting shows on their own quick enough.

Just my two cents.

Good luck, Frank!

P.S. and mention Mumble.
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