[Hpr] Feedback

Kevin O'Brien zwilnik at zwilnik.com
Tue Mar 5 06:31:03 PST 2013

I am about half-way through listening to the Community News show, and 
got to the part where you discussed my shows. And since Pokey asked a 
question I thought I should give some feedback.

First, the LibreOffice series is a labor of love for me. There has to be 
a geek in any subject you can name, and I guess this is my niche.<g> And 
I feel so grateful to HPR that it gives me a place to share this with 
others. The feedback has been really awesome as well. Last Saturday 
(when I should have been joining you for the Community News, but 
brain-farted instead) I logged into Freenode to get on the LibreOffice 
channels, and got a couple of people sending me messages on the oggcast 
channel that are fans of the series. That is all the motivation I need 
to keep going. And in fact I wrote up enough material for three more 
shows before I called it a day.

As for how often my shows run, please understand that I never had any 
intention of filling the queue with my own shows. I hope others will 
contribute, and in an ideal world maybe my shows would run once a month 
or something like that. I really believe that what makes HPR so great is 
the variety of stuff. I had told Ken in an email previously that I 
usually get busy with other stuff once summer arrives. I like to spend 
time in my garden, for instance, and take a weekend off here and there 
to go some place with my wife. And in summer I start to have a lot of 
responsibilities as Publicity Director for Ohio LinuxFest. So my 
intention was to load the queue now so I could take some time off later. 
That said, if you need my shows to keep things flowing, they are there. 
And frankly, I have been more productive than I thought I would be at 
this point, so I will probably have more shows in the queue than I had 
initially planned. Also, I can whip out non-series shows if needed. The 
LibreOffice shows really have to be researched and written out in 
advance, but I could probably do 2-3 shows on random topics one of these 
Saturdays to help the queue.

One last point. I had misunderstood what Ken was saying about letters 
between US and Europe, and now I get what he was saying. This is a great 
example of "I don't know what I don't know.". So please send me any 
feedback if something I say is not entirely correct, or unclear, or 
whatever. Regarding the difference between Europe and the US, I did know 
enough to be careful about inches vs. centimeters, which comes up in the 
list styles, but never having lived in Europe I may stumble on other 
things, so just let me know.

And I really need to get on the ball and join you guys for Community News.


Kevin B. O'Brien
zwilnik at zwilnik.com
A damsel with a dulcimer in a vision once I saw.

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