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Klaatu klaatu at straightedgelinux.com
Tue Mar 5 06:52:00 PST 2013

On Tuesday, March 05, 2013 09:31:03 AM Kevin O'Brien wrote:
> I am about half-way through listening to the Community News show, and
> got to the part where you discussed my shows. And since Pokey asked a
> question I thought I should give some feedback.
> First, the LibreOffice series is a labor of love for me. There has to be
> a geek in any subject you can name, and I guess this is my niche.<g> And
> I feel so grateful to HPR that it gives me a place to share this with
> others. The feedback has been really awesome as well. Last Saturday
> (when I should have been joining you for the Community News, but
> brain-farted instead) I logged into Freenode to get on the LibreOffice
> channels, and got a couple of people sending me messages on the oggcast
> channel that are fans of the series. That is all the motivation I need
> to keep going. And in fact I wrote up enough material for three more
> shows before I called it a day.
> As for how often my shows run, please understand that I never had any
> intention of filling the queue with my own shows. I hope others will
> contribute, and in an ideal world maybe my shows would run once a month
> or something like that. I really believe that what makes HPR so great is
> the variety of stuff. I had told Ken in an email previously that I
> usually get busy with other stuff once summer arrives. I like to spend
> time in my garden, for instance, and take a weekend off here and there
> to go some place with my wife. And in summer I start to have a lot of
> responsibilities as Publicity Director for Ohio LinuxFest. So my
> intention was to load the queue now so I could take some time off later.
> That said, if you need my shows to keep things flowing, they are there.
> And frankly, I have been more productive than I thought I would be at
> this point, so I will probably have more shows in the queue than I had
> initially planned. Also, I can whip out non-series shows if needed. The
> LibreOffice shows really have to be researched and written out in
> advance, but I could probably do 2-3 shows on random topics one of these
> Saturdays to help the queue.
> One last point. I had misunderstood what Ken was saying about letters
> between US and Europe, and now I get what he was saying. This is a great
> example of "I don't know what I don't know.". So please send me any
> feedback if something I say is not entirely correct, or unclear, or
> whatever. Regarding the difference between Europe and the US, I did know
> enough to be careful about inches vs. centimeters, which comes up in the
> list styles, but never having lived in Europe I may stumble on other
> things, so just let me know.
> And I really need to get on the ball and join you guys for Community News.
> Regards,

I wouldn't feel self-conscious about filling up the queue, if you are feeling 
that way. Sometimes one guy has to carry all of us slackers, and if you're 
that guy right now then that's all HPR needs to stay on the air.

Besides, as someone who hasn't got a clue about how office suites work or what 
to do with them, I find your series supremely enlightening!
- klaatu

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