[Hpr] Implemented a deny list on HPR

Matthew K littlecodemonkey at gmail.com
Tue Mar 19 07:50:57 PDT 2013

I guess this depends on how the community defines the word "hacker". Is
it the sensationalised media version of someone who breaks things in
order to learn, or is it the hackerspace version of someone who makes
things in order to learn.

-- Matt

On 03/19/2013 08:33 AM, Joshua Knapp wrote:
> Chances are these aren't people actively attacking HPR so much as bots
> from infected systems/account trying to add one more system to its
> ranks. We see scans on systems frequently and we do block them when
> they get our attention.
> If someone is interested in trying to hack a site, I recommend we
> setup a sandbox, through dummy data on it and snapshot it. Then if it
> gets hacked, we can roll back and fix what ever went wrong.  Then we
> take what we learned and protect HPR with it.
> Just because we are hacker, does not mean we should allow others to
> attack what we feel is important online, just to see what they can do.
>  We should always look to improve our security ourselves before a
> successful attack.
> --Josh (aka shadow)
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