[Hpr] What's a "hacker"?

Nido Media nido at foxserver.be
Thu Mar 21 06:47:52 PDT 2013

On 3/20/13 10:43 PM, Ken Fallon wrote:
> Seriously guys get a room, the HPR room on mumble.openspeak.cc Port:
> 64747. There's even a event planned in 2 days 19h 19m 41s on next
> Saturday at 17:00 UTC (2013-03-23T17:00:00Z)

Good point, Ken. Good idea too, and whilst I aint lostnbronx, but i'd be
happy to discuss the subject matter on the Hacker Public Radio
Saturday Sessions.

Epicanis, given how you were actually researching to make an episode out 
of it,
if you want to do the HPRSS thing, i have no problem crediting 
completely to you
either should we actually do this.

To those who were waiting for me to twist this discussion into weird 
directions again,
sorry. I will refrain from that until the roundtable (seems like 
everybody finds it a good idea).

> For the rest of you if you want to know if you are a Hacker or not, I
> was able to extend the back end analytical system that drives
> http://hackerpublicradio.org/will-my-show-be-of-intrest-to-hackers.html
> to answer this very difficult question.
> http://hackerpublicradio.org/am-i-a-hacker.html
> Ken.
> On Wed, 20 Mar 2013 16:37:44 -0400
> epicanis+hpr at dogphilosophy.net wrote:

> My point here was that although those topics were of interest, they
> were NOT of interest because you were an "expert computer
> programmer", but because you were a "hacker" (or at the very least
sorry for breaking my promise, but thank you. According to my personal
definition I am now a hacker. Yay /argumentum ad verecundiam


>>>> (Oh, and I like the idea of a round-table discussion - if
>>>> everyone who wants to participate is willing to use the current
>>>> release-candidate client so I can try/promote Opus support, I'd
>>>> even be willing to set up and host a murmur server of our own to
>>>> host it on. I would like to get it rolling in writing first
>>>> though so I can try to get my own thoughts on it together...)>
>>> I want!
>> I should clarify that my offer of a murmur server shouldn't be taken
>> as dismissal of the existing murmur servers that people have already
>> kindly set up for HPR use, just me looking at an opportunity to push
>> "Opus" and encourage people to use current Mumble clients so we don't
>> all have to downgrade to Speex all the time...
Actually, I was referring more to using a mumble server and discussing the
subject. Whether we use celt or one of the superiour codecs doesn't matter
to me.

>> I had another thought - how does this sound?
>> While continuing this discussion in email, everyone who is interested
>> goes and records (individually) a short essay/episode on "what
>> 'hacking' means to me and why I care". Then, at some deadline, we
>> exchange these episodes with each other (and submit them to the HPR
>> queue - want some more episodes, Ken?) and listen to them all
>> individually.  THEN we have a combined roundtable discussion (also
>> recorded and then submitted).  This way we get both "how we felt
>> before we started exchanging ideas on the subject" AND "what we think
>> after discussing it together" and see if it made a difference...
If you want, I can record a 'what do i think a hacker is' thingie 
tomorrow, and
we can play back our definitions before we begin the discussion this
saturday... or another date

Nido Media
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