[Hpr] Boo, Hiss, a google search on top of the HPR webpage!

Matthew K littlecodemonkey at gmail.com
Tue Mar 26 07:44:14 PDT 2013

I think things like this are a reason the definition of a hacker is
important. While I agree with DeepGeek that I dislike that Google
removed an app I like from their official Andriod market, I would like
to respectfully disagree that duck duck go is more hacker friendly than

Google is a public company. They have an obligation to their
stockholders to make money. I have no problems with a business deciding
not to sell a product on their own shelves for any reason. It would be
like asking an oil company to sell solar panels, or McDonalds to sell
Burger King gift certificates. Google allows the purchase or use of any
app through third party app stores (like Amazon). That is much more than
they need to do.

Duck Duck Go really isn't as hacker friendly as Google. They have a very
small portion of their code open source. Most of it is closed source.
They don't offer much at all to be hacked on. Their main product is
privacy. Privacy and hacking are not really related. In fact, it could
be argued that hiding data and the ability to hack with data may be
negatively correlated.

Google has released over 20 million lines of code and over 900 projects
to the open source community. (
https://code.google.com/hosting/search?q=label:google) They have many
engineers that work on open source projects full time. They make many
API's for hackers to play with, and even monetarily support some open
source events. They even inspire the hacker community with inventive
things like Google glasses and self-driving cars.

If the argument is truly privacy, then Google has done much more than
Duck Duck Go. They sponsored community protests against SOPA and PIPA,
and helped make normal Internet users aware of the importance. Their
support could be considered a major reason why these bills have been
shut down.

I think it would be a mistake to support Duck Duck Go over Google.


> Date: Tue, 26 Mar 2013 07:05:00 -0400
>> From: dg <dg at deepgeek.us>
>> To: hpr at hackerpublicradio.org
>> Subject: [Hpr] Boo, Hiss, a google search on top of the HPR webpage!
>> I just glanced at the HPR webpage...
>> As a self-identified hacker and google refugee, and after google
>> blocked adblockerplus from their android phone store due to their
>> allegiance to corporate profits; I had to say "boo, hiss" for having a
>> google search on the hpr webpage!
>> Surely a dialog box can be formed that returns an url string that will
>> direct the user to a site:hackerpublicradio.org search at duck duck go!
>> Really, the difference between
>> http://www.google.com/search?sitesearch=http%3A%2F%2Fhackerpublicradio.org%2F&q=klaatu&sa=Search+HPR+with+Google
>> and
>> https://duckduckgo.com/?q=klaatu+site%3Ahttp%3A%2F%2Fhackerpublicradio.org%2F&t=debian
>> can't "be that difficult a hack."
>> Remember, google likes to talk about "not being evil," but talk is
>> cheap now, isn't it!
>> [rant mode off]
>> ---
>> DeepGeek
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