[Hpr] Boo, Hiss, a google search on top of the HPR webpage!

Krayon hpr2010 at datapax.com.au
Tue Mar 26 09:36:49 PDT 2013

On Tue, 26 Mar 2013 12:16:43 -0400
epicanis+hpr at dogphilosophy.net wrote:

> I suggest replacing the "Search" box with a field in which to type a
> regular expression, which will be given to a simple script that'll
> use it to search the text files that are HPR's pages on the HPR web
> server's filesystem and return the raw results.

Actually, you can SORT OF have that.  There's no help so it's not
friendly but if you issue the 'hpr ti' command to OGGBot in
#OGGCastPlanet, it'll grep the complete HPR OGG feed for title's
containing your text:

03:35 < krayon> OGGBot: hpr ti android
03:35 <@OGGBot> krayon: Found 6 matches, PMing you the first 6 
                (try refining your search)

And in PM:

03:35 <OGGBot> Episode 1100: Why Android Tablets Suck Part2 ( 
               http://hackerpublicradio.org/eps.php?id=1100 )
03:35 <OGGBot> Episode 0840: Android Shopping ( 
               http://hackerpublicradio.org/eps.php?id=0840 )
03:35 <OGGBot> Episode 0821: Why Android tablets suck ! ( 
               http://hackerpublicradio.org/eps.php?id=0821 )
03:35 <OGGBot> Episode 0646: Do you need a carrier plan with 
               Android ( 
               http://hackerpublicradio.org/eps.php?id=0646 )
03:35 <OGGBot> Episode 0628: Tasker - Automation for Android 
               Devices ( 
               http://hackerpublicradio.org/eps.php?id=0628 )
03:35 <OGGBot> Episode 0594: Using FFMPEG To Convert Video Shot 
               With An Android Phone ( 
               http://hackerpublicradio.org/eps.php?id=0594 )

( Yes, Ken, I know, I still owe you an episode on that :/ )



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